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Motivational Meditation Monday: Keep Calm & Never Give Up

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keep calm and never give upNever, never, never give up. – Winston Churchill

Keep Calm And Never Give Up

How many times in recovery have you said to yourself “I don’t know if I can do this anymore?” A number of you probably have said it a few times, I know I did. It’s easy to practice principles in all your affairs, rely on a Higher Power, and work a program of recovery when everything in life is running smoothly. It’s a whole other story when everything around you seems to come crashing down and you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is where faith is needed.

Each new experience (both good and bad) is an opportunity to not only rely on Higher Power, but reach out to our sober supports, and face these situations with courage, strength, and integrity. There are a few scenarios in my life where I felt utterly hopeless in sobriety. I had no clue how I was going to get past this situation and how it was ever going to get better. There was not even a glimmer of hope that it was going to be OK. I had to simply keep moving forward taking the action that was suggested to me and wait. The end result would be life changing. Not only did I make it through a trial and tribulation sober, but it gave me more strength and brought me closer to my Higher Power and the program. I not only had a belief, but an experience to back that belief up. This was important for me because it showed me that working a program of recovery actually works. I was then able to share my experience with others so that they too could walk through their fears with hope.

To be honest, if I just gave up and picked up when sobriety got “too hard” I would never be the person I am today and I would not have the amazing life I have today. I would have sold myself short, much like I did so many times in my addiction. Ultimately, our Higher Power is in charge, so when we feel like giving up, what we are saying is that we are scared and that we do not trust the process. Life is a journey and when we focus too much on the destination, we tend to forget to enjoy the ride.

How Do I Keep Calm And Never Give Up? 

If you have something going on in your life today, stress –less and have faith – there is a reason you are reading this meditation. You are not alone.

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Written By: Watershed Ashling

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