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Monday Motivational Meditation: Keep Calm and Heal

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Meditation On How To Heal In Recovery

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn, be it a loss of a career, relationship, drugs, alcohol, faith, or the passing of a loved one – we’ve all experience loss in some form or another. We cannot avoid loss, but we can eventually heal and connecting with other is a great start.

When we first come into the program of recovery, healing from drugs and alcohol seemed near impossible until we connected with another person who recovered. They guided us through the process, the steps, and helped us heal from our addiction. We then passed it on, and with this new experience, we helped other addicts and alcoholics heal and recover.
After sometime in recovery we experienced other losses. We found that when we applied the same principles and actions used when we first came into recovery, they too worked in healing without the use of drugs or alcohol. Many of us at some point in time said “if _______ happens, then I’ll pick up”, but then we found through working our program, meditation, connecting with our support, and helping others, we got through it without a drink or a drug. The best part is that we found our experience really helped others and by doing this, we continued to help ourselves heal.

It was with great unselfishness that we not only grew, but we had courage, faith, and hope for the future. We knew in our hearts that no amount of drugs or alcohol could help us heal from any kind of loss. It may let us forget for a moment, numb out, but there will come a time where that loss will creep its way back in and we will be even more remorseful, angry, scared, and lost. We are going to need to go through the grieving process and allow ourselves to feel so we may truly heal.

If you have been going through a loss and keep looking for a sign of hope, it is no coincidence you landed on this meditation. Allow yourself to go through the grieving process, connect with support and those who have been where you are, meditate, and don’t forget to allow yourself to heal. Discuss your healing process with others, you never know whose life you might impact, and it might even be your own.

Written By: Watershed Ashling

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