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Motivational Meditation Monday: Keep Calm and Have Hope

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have-hope“Stay at the centre and let all things take their course. “ – Lao Tzu

Life can be messy and sometimes unfair. You may on occasion feel like you have done all the right things and have done your best, yet life shows up anyway. This is not a reflection of your actions, it’s the unfortunate part of life, it’s the reality that things are not perfect and tragedy does happen. Sometimes all you can do is just surrender, go with the flow, and pray for things to just be groovy again.

Have Hope

You may want to kick, scream, cry, and get angry; yet life still does its thing. You may want to pray that all those horrible feelings will just go away; and yet life still does its thing. It may seem like no matter what you do, or how you pray, or who you talk to about what’s happening; you just can’t seem to free yourself from how you feel; this is part of the human experience.

We can’t control people, places, and things. Sometimes we can’t control how things affect us emotionally, but we can control our actions. If when life shows up, we must try to keep moving forward through the pain and not give up. We must meditate and pray that we be relieved of the heavy heart, the tired mind, and worn out soul.  Even if at first we see no end in sight, we continue these actions because others have told us that it worked for them.

Give Hope

May we remember to be kind, loving, and compassionate towards others; you never know someone’s struggles today. If you are up, be the rock to someone who is down. If you are down, reach out and ask for help. No person should have to go through this thing called life without the love and support of others. Let no woman or man go through life’s struggles without the support, love, and hope of another. When we feel alone, we reach out to our fellowman and ask for a helping hand – let’s walk this journey together.


Higher Power give me the strength and courage to get through life’s pains and struggles today. Please hold me when I feel scared and comfort me when I feel alone. Just for today, Higher Power, I give you all my anger, fear, and burdens and I ask that you take them until I am strong enough to handle them once again. Thank you.

Written By: Watershed Ashling 

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