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Motivational Meditation Monday: Keep Calm & Be Real

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be real“Keep it real with me; I’ll keep it real with you.” – Unknown

How many of you have lied in the rooms? Telling everyone that you are OK when really you were just going through life’s stressors? It’s not unusual for an addict or alcoholic to go through pain and suffering sober and not talk about it out of fear of what others will think.  The idea that you should always be positive in meetings and share only solution based information may be actually helping addicts and alcoholics into a relapse. How about we just be real about what’s going on in our lives and share some truth? How else will someone know they too can go through life and still stay sober?

Let’s Be Real

Every person goes through trials and tribulations in life – it’s part of the human experience. Sometimes we handle these situations with grace and integrity, other times we fall apart and need support. There is nothing wrong with being human and to be perfect in recovery all the time is denying you of growth and others of knowing they are not alone in their feelings. It’s time we smash the idea of the recovery guru and the perfect speech (let’s be real, anyone can quote a book), and we start to be real with our fellows.

It’s also important to remember that just because we struggle with life’s stuff; it doesn’t mean we are struggling with staying clean and sober. We are allowed to have other feelings and express them, it not only helps us, but it helps others. Sometimes we just feel overwhelmed, angry, tired, worn out or even scared, but this doesn’t always have to do with wanting to pick up a drink or a drug. What usually happens is that we don’t share these feelings, they bottle up, and that’s when the relapse process can start.

If you are struggling in sobriety and need support, share about it. If you are struggling and know that you will be OK, but are just feeling – share about that too. You don’t have to use the rooms as a therapy session, but you can share some of your story with others. We all connect because each of us as a story to tell and a story to hear – we can identify and relate because we have been there too. Most people know how to stay clean and sober happy, it’s when life hits us that we really see where we are in our program. It’s a we program, not a me program – let’s be real together.

Written By: Watershed Ashling

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