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Motivational Meditation Monday: Keep Calm and Be Humble

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Meditation Motivation Monday: Keep Calm and Be HumbleBe humble or be humbled.

Be Humble

The cool thing about recovery is each day we get the opportunity to learn and grow. There are so many awesome lessons in life that I have learned through working my program and they have all taken me to the place I am at today. The other side of that is how I learn. I usually learn through my own experiences, but every so often I am able to learn through others, too. This is important, because I can avoid a lot of pain and suffering if I keep an open-mind and pay attention.

The more I am able to humble myself and be grateful, the fewer struggles I seem to go through. The longer I stay sober, the less pain I want to endure and so it is important for me to not just check my humility on a daily basis, but engage in behaviors that promote a healthy lifestyle away from false ego and pride. When I allow my pride and ego to take over, I am usually humbled by my own experience or others. This is why prayer and meditation for me is so important as well. I need to make sure my connection with my Higher Power is solid so that I can enjoy each sober day.

I am not perfect and of course my ego and pride get bruised. I want to be smart, funny, likable, and good at all the things I attempt to accomplish each day, but I also know that is an unrealistic expectation that can quickly catch up to me if I do not watch my humility. The main thing I want in life is happiness and that kind of happiness cannot be found in just a job, person, money, or material things – it can be found only on the inside. This kind of inside happiness can be obtained provided I continue to practice certain principles in all my affairs. How do I know this? I know this to be true because it’s been my experience. I had faith that it worked because others told me it would, but I have belief because it has worked for me.

Today I will watch my humility and allow myself to be human. Today I am OK with exactly who I am and I am proud of all my accomplishments – both good and not so good – because they are mine and I do the very best I can do. Today I extend this experienced to you and hope that you too find your own happiness and live today both happy and humble.

Written By: Watershed Ashling

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