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Kaley Cuoco Leaves Husband Because Of Drug Addiction

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kaley-cuocoAfter less than two years of marriage, Big Bang actress Kaley Cuoco has filed for divorce from husband and professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting because of his reported addiction to prescription painkillers.

A history of substance abuse

Once ranked number 64 in the world, Ryan Sweeting apparently has a history of substance abuse. In 2006, as a freshman in college, he was arrested for DUI in Gainesville, Florida. During that stop, police also found Adderall pills he did not have a prescription for.

Love at first sight, but not to last

According to sources at the Daily Mail, just a few months after meeting Kaley in 2013, Ryan suffered a back injury. As a result, he was prescribed painkillers. Then in early 2015, another injury resulted in more use. “Kaley told friends doctors prescribed something that he was taking too much of,” said the source. “That is when it went downhill again.”

Like many Americans, Ryan Sweeting found himself addicted to the very medicine that was supposed to help him heal. People magazine reported that Sweeting and Cuoco had been unhappy for some time, which is not exactly surprising.

When one person in a relationship is battling addiction, the strain is tremendous. Addiction knows no bounds, and by its very definition, is characterized by the compulsion to repeat behavior despite negative consequences.

It seems Kaley could no longer deal with the negative consequences of Ryan’s addiction. In September, she filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. Sometimes drastic measures are enough to make an addict finally get the help they need (case in point: Lamar Odom) but sadly, sometimes they’re not.

Getting help

Hopefully the divorce will be a wakeup call for Ryan Sweeting, and he will find the help he needs to get clean. He’s certainly not alone in his struggle.

Since 1999, prescriptions for painkillers have more than quadrupled. And in the wake of the pharmacological trend, millions have been affected by opioid addiction. Some users are able to get long-term prescriptions, a case in which often the medical community is considered an enabler. In other cases, prescriptions run out, and addicts turn to the streets. Pill costs, however, are exorbitant, and often users can’t afford them, ultimately leading them to heroin: the cheaper, more widely available option. Of course, it’s also just as deadly.

Prescription drugs are by no means safe. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction of any kind, get help before it’s too late. The Watershed takes calls 24/7. Get in touch with us today: 1-800-871-1768.

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