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33 Drug Overdoses In Brooklyn, K2 Spice May Be To Blame

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K2 Spice OverdoseBrooklyn, NY – During an 11 hour stretch, thirty-three people were taken to the ER after experiencing what officials believe to be a drug overdose from K2 Spice (synthetic marijuana), according to CNN.

K2 Spice

The overdoses started happening as early as 9:30 AM and lasted until about 8:00 PM. EMS was dispatched to Stockton Street in the Bedford-Stuyvesant district and transported patients to various local hospitals. 911 calls had been placed by pedestrians who were witnessing people suffering from respiratory problems and collapsing. Since many of the victims were close to each other during the incident and displaying similar symptoms to a drug overdose, officials speculate K2 Spice may be to blame, but without toxicology reports cannot confirm.

New York City police raided five bodegas in Brooklyn a day after the K2 Spice suspected overdoses were reported. No synthetic marijuana – which is illegal in New York – was found, but arrests were made on charges of selling improperly taxed cigarettes, stated James Bryne, a spokesman for the Police Department.  Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams has also made an effort to warn the community about the dangers of K2 Spice, hoping to stop the number of drug induced overdoses in the future.

What is K2 Spice?

K2 Spice or synthetic marijuana is basically a mix of herbs and man-made chemicals that can produce effects that mimic a marijuana high. It’s poisonous to the body, and can cause major health problems like rapid heat rate, vomiting, profuse sweating, confusion, mental health issues, a rise in blood pressure, hallucination, and even overdose.

Drug Addiction

Many addicts and drug abusers will try to find legal or cheaper means in order to get high, but the reality is that it does not matter how easy or cheap a drug is to get, it has the power to kill anyone at any time. Contact The Watershed today if you are struggling to stay clean and sober. There is hope and healing outside of addiction. Call now 800-861-1768.


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