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Justin Bieber Arrested: DUI and Drug Use in Miami

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Throughout all the controversy with pop star’s vandalism allegations with his neighbor, Justin Bieber arrested for a DUI is now making headlines. Bieber has been arrested early Thursday morning due to him allegedly drag racing on a Miami Beach street, driving a yellow Lamborghini and being intoxicated on more than just alcohol. It’s been reported that the pop star not only failed his sobriety test for alcohol, but Justin Bieber arrested for smoking marijuana and taking prescription pain pills.

Justin Bieber Arrested For DUI

It was confirmed by Miami Beach authorities that the 19-year-old Canadian singer was spotted at 4:09 a.m. on Thursday, while racing against a red Ferrari. Apparently, a bunch of Bieber’s “people” used to other cars to block off the street that was being used for the drag race. He was reported to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, and also resisting his arrest without violence and driving with an expired license. Justin Bieber arrested and now being held in jail has caused Miami Beach police to continue running tests to detect exactly what is in the pop star’s system prior to his arrest. According to TMZ, he was smoking marijuana and drinking a dangerous mixture of codeine cough syrup mixed with soda. Under the state law of Florida, since this is the first DUI offense, Justin Bieber arrested has no minimum sentence, but could get a maximum sentence of six months, including a fine between $250 to $500, up to at least 50 hours of community service, and an automatic six-month suspension of his license. Because this is his first offense of drag racing, it can net up to a six month sentence, one-year suspension of his license, and a fine anywhere from $500 to $1000.

Justin Bieber Arrested And Needs Treatment

From Justin Bieber being arrested on Thursday, to almost being charged for allegations of assaulting a paparazzo, then to almost being charged to reckless driving through his own neighborhood, and just a couple weeks ago to facing allegations to vandalism to his neighbor’s house, causing thousands of dollars in damage. All of these cases may be separate, but they all have one common denominator: Justin Bieber. It has also been reported by TMZ that Bieber’s management team is extremely concerned with Justin’s outrageous and abnormal behavior, and stated that they want Justin to check into rehab.

Some people need to hit their own bottoms, but if this pop star doesn’t think that countless problems with the authorities and the law isn’t a bottom, then it’s unimaginable what he will do next. Seeing Justin Bieber arrested must be hard on the millions of fans that he has rooting for him, and is definitely setting a terrible example for the younger fans who look up to him. Getting treatment may be his only option other than going to jail. If you or someone you know is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, call and get the help you need today 800-853-1614

Justin Beiber update 02/27/2014 – New video has been released from the jailhouse where Justin Bieber was being held. You can see him stumbling in the video here: Just Bieber Jailhouse Video Released

Justin Bieber Arrested DUI Update 08/13/2014

Justin Bieber has dodged his DUI charge reports say.  Instead, he pleaded guilty for misdemeanor charges of reckless driving and resisting arrest, in regards to the January incident in Miami, where he was involved in a street car race.  In addition to this, the Hollywood star has agreed to donate $50,000 to a charity, attend a program for anger management, and pay his mandatory restitution.  Considering he was positive for marijuana and Xanax in a drug screening, Bieber received an overall slap on the hand deal with no jail time required.  However, just in the past year, Bieber landed himself with multiple charges that involved destruction of property and acts of violence.  If Justin keeps going at this rate, he may find himself in much more serious trouble than his lawyers can pull him out of.  The 20-year-old may find that making some life changes could benefit his career and overall well-being.

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