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Football Star, Josh Gordon, Gets Arrested for DWI

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Josh Gordon is known to the public as a multi-season member of the Cleveland Browns football team, but to former teammates, he is known for getting himself into some trouble.  After a previous history of suspensions from the team due to drug use and failing a drug test for marijuana, followed by failing another test for codeine, Josh Gordon has built up quite a reputation.  It was rumored that the 23-year-old player would be suspended this year too, because of failing another drug test.  His original plan to fight in court later this month is likely on hold, as he recently kicked his bad rep up a notch (literally) by adding a DWI to the mix on July 5.

Josh Gordon Arrested

In Raleigh, North Carolina, Josh Gordon was arrested after being pulled to the side of the road at 3 a.m. for going 50 mph in a 35 mph speed zone.  Although speeding is what caught the police officer’s eye, it was not the cause for arrest.  A DWI charge made its way onto the athlete’s record very early that morning.  But was it because Josh Gordon was intoxicated with alcohol or something else?  The police spokesman gave an unspecific response, “I can’t comment on any tests we gave him or what the results were.”  However, it was stated by WNCN that the football star had a blood alcohol level .09 and was honest about drinking, though claiming it was three drinks with vodka.  After being in custody, he left after posting a $500 bond and a promise to appear to his scheduled court date on August 26th.  While Gordon’s agent had no comment, Ray Farmer, who is the current manager of the football team, only had to say, “We are aware of the matter and are disappointed to learn of this situation. We will comment further at the appropriate time.”

Friends Worry About Gordon

Josh Gordon getting arrested for a DWI and even just having a history of drug abuse has opened a well of great concern from his friends.  D’Qwell Jackson, who played on the same team for some time, spoke out about his worry.  Jackson feels that Josh Gordon really needs help, and even went so far as to say that when they were on the same team, he would leave the locker room after practice or a game and worry about the boy.  Sources confirmed that he may be in need of some form of substance abuse treatment as his drug history traces all the way back to high school.  Others have suggested that his career will be destroyed as a consequence if he does not seek help as soon as possible.

Addiction does not discriminate, even toward professional athletes like Josh Gordon.  Hopefully Gordon seeks help for substance abuse issues and changes his unhealthy behaviors before matters lead to another arrest.

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