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Johnny Manziel Is In A Downward Spiral

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Update 06/30/2016: Johnny Manziel has been suspended for 4 games as a result of violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy, reports TMZ Sports.

Johnny Manziel: 2012 – 2015

Recently released Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel makes headlines again in what appears to be a growing pattern of destructive behavior.

Johnny Manziel was expected to be the next Brett Favre. He had a noteworthy high school football (and baseball) career, won the Heisman Trophy in 2012, and was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2014. But his troubles began almost immediately after high school.

In 2012, before the start of his first college game, Johnny Manziel was arrested for his role in a fight and for using a fake ID. He spent the night in jail and later that year told reporters the incident was a lesson and that he needed to “make a lot of changes.”

In 2013, he was kicked out of a fraternity party, and investigated (though later cleared) for accepting payments for autographs. The following year, he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns as a backup quarterback. Some praised him as a talented athlete with star potential, but more than once, his commitment and work ethic were questioned by his teammates.

In February 2015, after making multiple headlines for his off-field antics, Manziel voluntarily checked himself into rehab for alcoholism. It seemed like he was recognizing that his decisions were growing more destructive by the day, but, sadly, his commitment to sobriety was short-lived.

In October 2015, Manziel was pulled over after an incident involving a fight with his girlfriend in his car. Though he was not cited for driving under the influence, official records showed he admitted to drinking earlier in the day. The following month, after videos surfaced showing Manziel partying during a bye week, the Browns demoted him to third-string quarterback.

Potential shattered by a record of hard partying

Though Manziel would start a few more games for the Browns after being demoted, his partying behavior, altercations off the field, and lack of work ethic would prove too much for those around him to handle. In January 2016, his marketing agency LRMR, and his agent, Erik Burkhardt, stopped working with him. In March, the Browns released him.

In April, Nike dropped the young athlete, and the same day Drew Rosenhaus ended his representation as well, after just two months of working him. It was a first for Rosenhaus, who said he terminated the relationship in an effort to help Manziel understand the gravity of his actions. As an olive branch of sorts, Rosenhaus offered Manziel a five-day window to get specific treatment and make moves that would signal a commitment to leading a better life. If he did, Rosenhaus said he would rescind the termination. “I’m hoping he takes the necessary steps to get his life back on track,” Rosenhaus said to ESPN. That didn’t happen.

Later that month, Manziel was spotted partying hard at the music festival Coachella. In photos, he appeared notably thinner, which some sources close to the athlete say is a result of cocaine use.

One friend told TMZ, “If he continues this way for much longer he will die.”

In early June, Manziel was served a lawsuit alleging nearly $100,000 in damages for a house he rented, threw parties in, and caused subsequent damage to. The lawsuit states Manziel had more guests than were permitted by the contract, and that “his guests were consuming drugs and alcohol on the property, and that they caused a disturbance to the neighborhood which resulted in the Los Angeles Police Department being summoned to the property on the morning of April 6, 2016.”

A pattern of addiction?

As recently as June 7, Manziel was photographed partying at nightclubs until the wee hours. Clearly, Mr. Manziel’s behavior is escalating. Despite significant blows to his career and now legal consequences to boot, he seems unfazed.

Addiction is most often characterized by the continued use of alcohol or drugs, despite negative consequences.

Johnny Manziel’s recent escapades might indicate that there is more than just a typical party-going attitude happening; he may or may not be struggling with an addiction of his own. From his former agent to his parents, people around him are certainly hoping he’ll get some help. Of course, the decision to better his life and head in a sober direction is his alone to make.

If alcohol or drug abuse has wreaked havoc on your life, or if you’re concerned about the drinking or drug use of a loved one, it’s never too late to make the call to get help. The Watershed has helped countless people turn their lives around, and they can help you too.

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