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Johnny Depp’s Drinking Becoming a Problem

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Johnny Depp might be sharing more in common with Paul Kemp, the struggling journalist afflicted by alcoholism that he played in last years The Rum Diary.  Close friends of his have stated that his drinking has started to get out of control since he recently split with longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis.  After 14 years together and two children, the couple finally ended their relationship.  The break-up appeared to cause Depp to turn to the bottle to drown his problems.  Unfortunately, heavy drinking could potentially lead to alcohol addiction.

The Break-Up
Rumors have surfaced that the cause of the break-up was Paradis’ resentment over Johnny Depp’s success.  Depp raked in more than $75 million in 2010 following the commercial success of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.  Even though Vanessa supported him and pushed for him to take more marquee roles, including his portrayal of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates movies, she saw little success with her own singing career.  The bigger the gap between their stardom grew, the more she resented him. According to friends of the couple, they had been seen having very heated arguments over the past year.
Depp’s Drinking Problem
Depp has admitted using alcohol to cope with his fame in the past.  He used to drink just to deal with the paparazzi that followed his every move.  He toned all the drinking and drugs down quite a bit when his children were born, focusing more on being a good father.  However, with Vanessa feeling like she gave up her own career for his, the fights between them appear to have driven him back to drinking.  Last October, it was speculated that he was drunk falling on the street in Hollywood. 
What’s Next?
Johnny will likely rebound from this if he can work out his drinking issues; he is easily one of the most likeable and well-spoken figures in Hollywood today.  Next year he stars in the upcoming Disney movie: Lone Ranger, as Tonto the Native American side kick of the Lone Ranger.  He recently sparked a bit of controversy by becoming an honorary member of the Comanche Nation in May.   Depp’s heartbreak might not last long either, he has recently been linked to his Rum Diary co-star Amber Heard, who is 23 years his junior.
However, if Depp doesn’t gain control over his alochol abuse soon, he could end up ruining his mega movie career.  Disney usually never stands behind actors with any sort of serious lifestyle blemishes such as that.  They are famous for firing actors or having them killed off on their programming when they end up in headlines because of DUI or drug problems.  If his alcohol problem is as out of control as the press is making it out to be, then he should really consider checking into a private alcohol rehab facility. Check out for more information on alcoholism.

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