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Jellinek Curve Infographic: Addiction To Recovery

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Jellinek Curve


The Jellinek Curve

A statistically proven pattern of behaviors exhibited by people suffering from alcohol and/or drug addiction

Phase 1 – Progressive Phase

·         Occasional relief drinking or using

·         Constant relief drinking or using commences

·         Increases in alcohol/drug tolerance

·         Onset of memory blackouts

·         Increasing dependence or alcohol or drugs

·         Surreptitious drinking or using

·         Feelings of guilt

·         Urgency of first drinks

Phase 2 – Crucial Phase

·         Memory blackouts increase

·         Unable to discuss problem

·         Decrease of ability to stop

·         Drinking or using when others do

·         Grandiose and aggressive behavior

·         Drinking/using bolstered with excuses

·         Efforts to control fail repeatedly

·         Persistent remorse

·         Tries geographical escapes

·         Promises and resolutions fail

·         Family and friends avoided

·         Loss of other interests

·         Unreasonable resentments

·         Work and money troubles

·         Loss of ordinary will power

·         Neglect of food

·         Decrease in alcohol/drug tolerance

·         Tremors and early morning use

Phase 3 – Chronic Phase

·         Onset of lengthy intoxications

·         Physical deterioration

·         Impaired thinking

·         Moral deterioration

·         Indefinable fears

·         Drinking or using with inferiors

·         Obsession with drinking or using

·         Unable to initiate action

·         Vague spiritual desires

·         All alibis exhausted

·         Complete defeat admitted

·         Obsessive drinking or using continues in vicious circles

·         Possibility of death

Phase 4 – Rehabilitation Phase

·         Honest desire for help

·         Told addiction can be arrested

·         Learns addiction is an illness

·         Meets former addicts, both normal and happy

·         Stops using alcohol and drugs

·         Healthy thinking begins

·         Assisted in making personal inventory

·         Physical overhaul by doctor

·         Spiritual needs examined

·         Start of group therapy

·         Onset of new hope

Phase 5 – Recovery Phase

·         Diminishing fears of the unknown future

·         Appreciation of possibilities of a new way or life

·         Return of self-esteem

·         Regular nourishment taken

·         Desire to escape goes

·         Realistic thinking

·         Adjustment to family needs

·         Natural rest and sleep

·         New interests develop

·         Family and friends appreciate efforts

·         Rebirth of ideals

·         New circle of stable friends

·         Appreciation of real values

·         Faces facts with courage

·         Increase of emotional control

·         Confidence of employers

·         First steps towards economic stability

·         Contentment in sobriety

·         Care of personal appearance

·         Increasing tolerance of others

·         Rationalizations recognized

·         Group therapy and mutual help continues

·         Enlightened and interesting way of life opens up with road ahead to higher levels than ever before

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One thought on “Jellinek Curve Infographic: Addiction To Recovery

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