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Jenelle Evans: Checks Back Into Malibu Rehab

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MTV’s star Jenelle Evans, Teen Mom 2, reportedly checked back into Malibu rehab again. Jenelle first checked into Malibu for a weed addiction back in 2011 when she faced court charges and jail time in the season. Out of all the teen moms, her life was clearly falling apart before our eyes. This time, her drug abuse may have graduated to a full blown drug addiction. Reports state that Janelle is checking in for heroin abuse.  It’s no secret that Jenelle did drugs, drank, partied, and hung out with less than desirable men and friends during the season. She always seemed to find her way into bad situations, and into the arms of men who would use her for her money, car, and anything else they could get their hands on; including fame.

The Progression Of Addiction

Addiction is a progressive disease. Many times, it starts out as fun and later turns into a substance abuse problem, and then to full blow addiction. The truth is that most people who become addicted remain addicted. The old saying goes true for many addicts and alcoholics, “You can change a cucumber into a pickle, but you can’t turn a pickle back into a cucumber.” Many times we hear things like, “It’s just weed, it’s natural,” “weed is safer than alcohol,” “weed isn’t addicting,” but the truth is many teens and adults suffer from addiction and addiction can be to anything, including weed. In this case we see right before our eyes how “just smoking weed” turned into “just shooting heroin” in a matter of a few years. The progression of the disease of addiction can sometimes happen so quickly that many teens are finding themselves in drug rehab before they even hit the legal drinking age.

It’s Not About The Drug

When we put too much focus on the drug, we lose sight of the fact that any substance can be abused. Any one of these items can become addicting: alcohol, crack, weed, sex, men, gambling, eating, shopping, ad infinitum. It’s not so much about the drug so much as about the person and their behaviors, the drug of choice is just what makes them “feel good” or numb to what is really going on in their head. Please do not get the message skewed, there are drugs that are addictive where if taken enough times, the person will become addicted and as a result, an addict may be born. It appears, in in Jenelle’s case, that drugs, chaos, and men are her escape.

Jenelle Evans Addiction

Jenelle Evans is no stranger to rehab centers, mental health facilities, or even the courts. She has been in and out of very unhealthy relationships since we first saw her on MTV. Jenelle was first dating Kieffer Delp on Teen Mom 2, who was arrested for drugs and later assault on Evans. Then she moved onto reconnecting with Gary Head who also was said to have stolen her property and had assault charges on Evans.  Then finally, she married Courtland Rogers, which ended in an alleged fake miscarriage and divorce. All of this was not only captured by news media, but also by Janelle’s Twitter and Facebook pages. Do we see a pattern here?

At the rate Janelle is going there is a strong chance her behaviors, actions, and drug abuse will take her from rehab centers to jails, or worse, death. So often an addict or alcoholic does not even know that they suffer from the disease of addiction. It is usually spotted by those around them first. Janelle’s case is not that uncommon, ask any addict or alcoholic their story, they’ll tell you. The only difference is, we are seeing her life crumble right before our eyes like so many other celebrities, like Lindsay Lohan. Even with newer reports stating that Jenelle is getting out of Malibu today, we hope those rumors are false, and that she stays and obtains as much treatment as possible. Jenelle will either be an example of how addicts can recover, or an example of what addiction can do to you at such a young age. If you know someone that shows signs of addiction, please get them the help they deserve, call us today: 1-800-861-1768.

Written by: Watershed Ashling

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