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Should Jack Daniels Provide Resources For Alcoholics?

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“Believe it or not, Jack Daniels first learned whiskey making from a minister. Something we can all be thankful for.”

“The drink men order when they want to feel like gentlemen.”

“56 men signed the Declaration of Independence. One man put it in a bottle. “

These are just a few of the statements that you will see when you click on the Jack Daniels website. Statements like these are marketed specifically to build confidence, give a sense of entitlement, and grandiosity to those who are seeking it. It’s also no secret that Jack Daniels targets men – “gentlemen” to be exact. Nothing says sophisticated like a man smoking a pipe in one hand and enjoying a glass of Jack Daniels on the rocks by the fireplace in the other, unless it’s the high functioning alcoholic drinking that Jack Daniels.

Jack Daniels Meet The High Functioning Alcoholic

When young men see their fathers or business men enjoying a glass of whiskey at the table or in the office discussing money, business adventures, and material possessions, why wouldn’t those young men want to mimic the look and feel that brought such awe to them as a young boy? Just check out any movie where there is a business deal about to go down and you’ll see that bottle of whiskey come out for a toast. It’s intriguing and enlightening; it says “I am a real man,” and “real men drink.” What they don’t show is the high functioning alcoholic who can’t stop drinking, but somehow keeps it together by a thread. The man who struggles with his drinking while his family suffers and those closest to him tire of his ways. The man who thinks his life is in control because he knows how to “drink like a gentleman” and believes everyone does it the way he does. The man who may either die before his time, or live long enough to teach his own son how business is really done.

Jack Daniels seems targeted towards the high functioning alcoholic that would believe in those statements; they trust the Jack Daniels brand will give them confidence, make them brave, and make them feel important. It’s true that not everyone that drinks Jack Daniels is an alcoholic, but the ones that are may not see the 2 little links at the bottom of their page that encourage responsible consumption and drinking issues.

Jack Daniels Needs Better Drinking Warnings & Resources

“While the vast majority of people who choose to drink alcohol do so responsibly, there are those who abuse alcohol and those who should not consume it at all. In these cases, the negative impacts to individuals and society can be high—and effective policy approaches are needed,” states one of their resource pages, and is the only thing you will read on ‘over consumption” with another short link to binge drinking, which carries very vague information.

What Jack Daniels neglected to mention are the real drinking statistics in the United States and how a high percentage are actually suffering from heavy drinking, binge drinking, and even alcoholism. Jack Daniels didn’t state how over consumption could potentially lead to alcoholism or alcohol dependency either. Although we cannot assume that everyone who drinks Jack Daniels has a problem with alcohol or will, it would be a great start to include at the top of every alcoholic beverage website, a warning about drinking and resources on how to get help for a drinking problem.  Just like cigarettes have a warning, so should alcohol. It’s just a different kind of poison and it’s affecting the nation as a whole.  For information and resources on how you or a loved one can get help for alcohol dependency, please contact The Watershed today at 1-800-861-1768.

Written By: Watershed Ashling

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