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Is My Kid On Drugs? Take The Quiz Now

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Drug-Quiz-KidsIt’s every parent’s nightmare: having to ask yourself “Is my kid on drugs?” If you start suspecting that something is not right, it’s important to act immediately. No mom, dad or guardian needs to live in that fear, which is why this short quiz was created for parents just like you.

Is My Kid On Drugs?

Do you notice a change in your kid’s attitude? Such as anxiety, depression or symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Do you notice a sudden lost of interest with your kid’s hobbies that he/she loved before?

Do you notice that things are starting to go missing? Such as jewelry, valuables, etc?

Is your kid becoming distant from you physically and emotionally?

Has your kid asked for money but won’t say why? Or has had access to money but won’t tell you how?

Have you noticed a rapid weight loss or weight gain in your kid?

Is your kid starting to change their friends around?

Has your kid become a “hermit” and prefers to be alone?

Have you noticed a drastic change in hygiene and appearance in your kid?

Do you believe that your kid is not who they used to be?

If you agreed to most of these, then the answer to the question you keep asking yourself, “Is my kid on drugs?”, is probably Yes; it’s quite plausible that your kid is, in fact, on drugs. Once your suspicions become a reality, it’s now very important to know what to do next.

Is my kid on drugs? Yes, but what do you do next?

Yes, it’s the holiday season, but keeping your kid sick at home is not ideal. The disease of addiction deserves no punishment when they are struggling for their life. This disease is deadly, and before acting impulsively, you must learn everything you can about the disease and what your kid is going through. Sending them to treatment immediately is then what you must do next. Missing Christmas or New Year’s is nothing compared to knowing that they will be safe and alive in a treatment center. Having some piece of mind and some much needed sleep will help you as well; it’s a win-win situation.Once you send your kid to a treatment center to better their life, they will get the help that they need to no longer need a drink or a drug to function on a daily basis. Keeping your kid home for the holidays, while knowing that they’re struggling, may seem like a good idea for your family, but in reality, you could be killing them.

Addiction is a family disease, and once you come into contact with it, it affects everyone, including the addict. Finding yourself some help through a support group can help your recovery as well. If you keep asking yourself, “Is my kid on drugs?” it’s time to get the help your child deserves.  Please call us today at 1-800-853-1614 and save your childs life.

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