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Indio Falconer Downey Caught With Drugs and Arrested

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Indio Falconer Downey, the son of Robert Downey, Jr., has a recent history of battling a pill addiction, reported as recently as 2013.  Being the progressive disease that addiction is, the 20-year-old Falconer Downey appears to have slipped back to his old behaviors which resulted in an arrest for cocaine possession, along with drug paraphernalia.  After his reported original addiction to prescription pills brought him to a rehabilitation center just short of one year ago, Indio Falconer Downey has definitely found himself in deeper, more consequential problems.

Indio Falconer Downey Gets Arrested

Falconer Downey was spotted by authorities as a passenger in a vehicle on the highway during the late afternoon on a Sunday in West Hollywood, smoking what appeared to be a pipe.  This lead officials to pull the car to the side for a search, resulting in confiscation of cocaine and a ride for Downey to L.A. County jail.  With bail set at over $10,000, Indio Falconer Downey left on a Monday morning, facing where his disease of addiction had brought him.  Being an addict himself, Robert Downey, Jr. stated that he was grateful towards officials hosting the necessary lecture to his son.  Being empathetic and concerned for his son, Robert Downey, Jr. expressed how he and the rest of their family plan to be there for Falconer Downey in any way they can to help the recovery process.

Former Rehab Stint for Falconer Downey

It was made public last October that Indio was headed to a rehabilitation center for his misuse of pills.  His mother, Deborah Falconer, was a quick defendant, claiming, “He was not addicted.”  Often, families don’t want to face harsh realities or look deeper into an underlying problem of how progressive addiction can be.  It was a huge step for her to support and help Indio in his first journey to rehab.  Now that Falconer Downey has experienced first-hand the manifestation and development of the disease, it is even more cause for concern.  Deborah is perfectly familiar with rehabilitation centers and addictive personalities though.  She stayed with now-former husband Robert Downey, Jr. for a decent portion of his addiction until they separated in 2001, when it was clear that he needed more help than she could give him, as he went back and forth from arrests to treatment centers.

Like Father, Like Son

Unfortunately, genetics play a role in addiction.  Looking back on the father of Falconer Downey, Robert claims to have been active in his addiction at as young as eight years old.  Interestingly enough, Robert Downey, Jr.’s father is the person who introduced him to drugs, like marijuana and coke.  Robert’s addiction ended with the epiphany to get off the drugs and change his life in 2003.  With the support of a new woman in his life, Susan Levin, he took therapy, worked a 12-Step Fellowship, began meditating, and ultimately transformed his life in any way he could.  He was willing to make any necessary changes that would benefit his new lifestyle of recovery, and ultimately resulted in a great outcome, both personally and career-wise.

Indio is still young, and if he gets the help he needs in order to recover, he can still live a life free from control of drugs and alcohol.  With the support of his family, especially his father, Falconer Downey has the opportunity to make his own comeback.

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