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Ex-Drug Addict Treats Patients With Hallucinogenic Drugs (Ibogaine)

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It isn’t unheard of that hallucinogenic drugs were used as a treatment alternative for many different medical and mental ailments in the past, but as the addiction treatment industry has grown, so has our knowledge.  Throughout the past several decades, a minuscule amount of these hallucinogenic drugs were found to be more beneficial than hazardous to the human body when used as means of treatment in studies.  That being said, various different types of drugs were deemed under The United States’ Controlled Substance Act as Schedule I, meaning there is no accepted medical use in the country.  On the other hand, some hallucinogenic drugs, like ibogaine, are not regulated in other countries, like Canada.

Hallucinogenic Drugs Used As Treatment

Ibogaine is one of many hallucinogenic drugs that are out there.  The drug is said to create a high that has potential to last over 30 hours.  Coming from the igoba plant in West Africa, ibogaine is known for its use during spiritual celebrations as part of certain cultures.

However, it was recently discovered that a man in St. John’s of Canada was using ibogaine to treat people for the disease of addiction.  Despite a professional doctor making the statement that taking the drug could be lethal, the man, Shane Mugford, continued with the proposition.  Not only is Mugford a former drug addict himself, but he also runs his own therapy clinic.  He gives his patients ibogaine as a method of treatment for the disease of addiction and claims that by removing cravings entirely, “life is wonderful.”  There is no concrete scientific study that demonstrates that ibogaine is a valid or even successful way to correct addiction.  Just because Canada does not have a ban on the drug, allowing it to be bought for personal recreational use, does not mean it can be used on others as the use of medicine.  It sounds as if Mugford is playing doctor with hallucinogenic drugs, and it could have drastic results for the willing partakers receiving the dosage.

Mugford’s Ibogaine Treatment

Mugford hallucinogenic drug, ibogaine, can cost each patient around $1,500.  The way he performs the treatment is by going to the patient’s house and administering the drug.  He says that this method is supposed to be an “intense journey into your own mind.”  For a description of a treatment, that elaborate phrase may raise eyebrows.  In fact, it has.  As stated before, doctors are questioning the safety measures that are going ignored by Mugford.  Mugford is supposedly prepping each patient with heart monitors and watching over them for the duration of their trance.

Even so, doctors are weary to draw the attention on the reality check: he has no known training or education in the medical field.  Dr. Bruce Hollett is one professional who has spoken out about his concern for addicts who may be using Muford’s services.  Dr. Hollet believes that when addicts want to recover and hear that something can rid their addiction for good, they are prone to gravitating towards it, even if it means without doing their research on the alleged treatment.  However, Mugford is not the only outlet in Canada using ibogaine as a treatment for addiction.  News reporters from CBC discovered other facilities in Ontario and British Columbia doing the same.  Still, Dr. Hollett tries to get his point across that it can be dangerous and since it is bought online, there’s no telling what is genuinely in the substance itself.  There has been a reported 19 deaths associated with ibogaine from 1990 to now.  When a double-digit amount of deaths are related to a supposed treatment, questions may arise on the drugs’ safety.

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