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I Killed A Man: Video Confession Of A Drunk Driver

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Recently a 22 year old man from Ohio released a confessional video about how he killed a man while drinking and driving on June 22nd, 2013. Matthew Cordle struck and hit Vincent Canzani, 61, while intoxicated. On August 9th, Matthew sent a message to Because I Said I Would Facebook asking for help with his confession. September 3rd, 2013 I Killed A Man video was released and on September 10th, 2013 Matthew Cordle was arrested and indicted for aggravated vehicular homicide.

I Killed A Man Video

We aren’t saying that Matthew is an alcoholic, but he definitely has shown signs of having a drinking problem. His confession captured another part of drinking and driving – the part where his overconsumption of alcohol may have been for purposes other than just a "fun night" that turned bad. Matthew shares some insights into his personal and emotional feelings associated with drinking. “Sometimes I drink because I have depression that I struggle with every day and I just drink to get out of my head for just a few hours. I really don’t like the person I become when I drink. I’ve ruined relationships in the past, I start fights, and I generally become a person that people don’t like to be around.”

Reason Behind The I Killed A Man Video

Attorney George Stark Breitmayer III, who is representing Cordle, claims that the video was not meant to help get Matthew Cordle a lighter sentence; it was made to help raise awareness of drinking and driving and provide some closure for the Canzani family. Whatever the reason is, since the release of the I Killed A Man video, awareness about drinking and driving has gone viral. It is showing that it can happen to anyone, at any age, at any time; an innocent life was lost as a direct result of drunk driving.

I Killed A Man Video Helps Raise Awareness

Although this is tragic and nobody should have to die to get a message as simple as “don’t drink and drive” out, if a person suffers from alcoholism, they may not know how to do that. Many heavy drinkers and alcoholics experience blackouts where they unaware of their actions and don’t even know they are driving. As Matthew stated before, he believes he drinks to help his depression. If more focus is placed on addressing mental health issues, we may actually see a decrease in incidents like this one talked about in the I Killed A Man Video. As a nation, we need to go deeper into why people are drinking to excess in the first place; we need to focus on the real nature of the problem so we can help prevent future drunk driving accidents.

If you or someone you love has a problem with alcohol, get help today before this story becomes your own. Call us now at 1-800-861-1768.

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