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Hunter Biden, Vice President’s Son Was Dismissed from Navy for Cocaine

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The Vice President of the United States’ son, Hunter Biden, was administratively discharged from the Navy Reserve early this year for cocaine use – proving that the disease of addiction does not discriminate, even when it comes to superior social, governmental, and economical class.

Hunter Biden Discharged from Military

US Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, has an outstanding background that places him on a pedestal as a courageous, hardworking, and dedicated citizen.  As a lawyer turned management business associate, with a wife and three children, Biden sought to be a part of the military.  However, due to an issue in his youth with drugs, he was required to seek specific approval from the Navy to join. Even though it is unlikely for these types of requests to be accepted, his was and he received a waiver for his previous involvement in the past with drugs.  It wasn’t until a drug test in June 2013 revealed the current use of cocaine, that the 44-year-old was forced to cut ties when the military let him go in February 2014 with an administrative discharge.  Although Hunter Biden cites the years he served in the military were, “the honor of [his] life,” and that he is, “embarrassed that [his] actions led to [his] administrative discharge,” he is accepting of the fact that it is time to continue on with the rest of his life.

Hunter Biden: Letting Go of the Shame

The public snapped all too quickly in harsh dismay at the actions of Hunter Biden, mostly because of his title and his father’s as Vice President of the nation.  The family holds great dignity when it comes to military involvement, having seen generation after generation enlist in service.  Hunter’s mother, Jill, even stated in 2012 how proud she was to just have the opportunity to be, “standing with [her] son when he is commissioned as an ensign in the United States Navy.”  After it was revealed that Hunter had cocaine in his system and that he dabbled with drugs again, matters seemed to have changed in the public’s eyes.  The incident of drug use shouldn’t be seen as a shameful act of misguided moral wrongdoing, but rather viewed as a substance disorder that requires treatment like any other disease.

The stigma behind addiction and drug abuse is causing a ruckus in society today to such an extreme point where anyone suffering is put under a microscope and scrutinized for having what appears to be no self-control when it comes to regulating their substance use.  It’s unjust because you wouldn’t treat any other disease like this.  These are sick people and regardless of what their role in society is, they don’t deserve to be brought down because of their illness.  They need treatment to work through the real issue of the substance disorder at hand, which can only truly begin when the stigma is broken.

Are you struggling with the ability to put down a drink and/or drug like Hunter Biden is?  Contact The Watershed today because you don’t have to suffer the same consequences and can instead live a life in recovery.

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