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How to Never Go Back to Rehab Again

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Going to a 30-day drug and alcohol rehab center can seem overwhelming to some, especially if it’s your first or even tenth time. You are either scared because you don’t know what to expect, or your scared because you have gotten used to your attendance in a rehab facility. What if we told you that we had some suggestions that would help make this trip to rehab your last one?

Rehab Tips & Tricks At Recovery

Be Honest

If you can admit that you have a problem, you can actually work through that problem. Denial is one of the hardest barriers for an alcoholic or addict to breakdown, but it’s crucial for recovery to take place. Also, be honest about all your affairs – no matter how embarrassing or devastating. The more you talk and the more you are honest about who you are, your behaviors and addiction, the better chance you will have at actually staying sober long-term. Do not let you fears stop you from getting all you can from rehab. This is about change, and you will be successful at your program of recovery if you put in 100% of the effort in from the start.

Be Open-minded

Stop trying to figure this thing out or to fix yourself, you are not broken, you have a disease known as addiction. Recovery is about setting aside old ideas and beliefs that no longer worked for you, so keep an open mind about a new set of beliefs that actually might work.  The more you are willing to see things from a different perspective, the more you will be able to grow towards long-term sobriety. When you shut yourself off from suggestions, you limit more than just your happiness, but your sobriety. Stop acting like you have all the answers, you don’t, and that is OK. Come into rehab with a blank slate and you may be amazed at what you can learn.

Be Willing

Recovery from addiction has nothing to do with willpower, but everything to do with willingness. If you are willing to try new ideas on, take suggestions, be honest, keep and open-mind – you will continue to stay sober (provided you put a 100% into your program of recovery). When you decide you can fix your addiction or control your consumption, you may be setting yourself up for another stay in rehab.

We Can Recover

Going to treatment is not a punishment, it’s a means to heal from addiction and there are thousands who have begun their recovery in rehab. If you were suffering from any other disease you would seek treatment, having the disease of addiction is no different, but the outcome is up to you. There is no other disease in the world that allows you to recover fully if you put in 100% of the work. When you think about it that way, recovery from addiction can be 100% of the time every time.  Do not give up on recovering from addiction because you were not being honest, open-minded, or willing to do something different.  Make a change right now, recover today: The Watershed Experience!

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