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How To Be A Good Roommate In Recovery From Drugs And Alcohol

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When it comes to how to be a good roommate in early recovery, the ability to make and preserve healthy relationships will be a gradual learning process that comes into play if you end up in a living arrangement with others in recovery, whether it is in a treatment facility, transitional living, halfway house, or another type of similar environment.  You may be very different than the people you are surrounded with, so you should both try your best to be a good roommate by being considerate of one another’s wishes.  If you find that you do not get along with one, some, or all of the people you are surrounded by and are wondering how to be a good roommate in such a scenario, then just make it a goal to be respectful – because ultimately, you need to realize that you will not be in one another’s lives forever, if you don’t wish to be anyway.

How To Be A Good Roommate

It’s important to look at how to be a good roommate because healthy relationships with roommates will work both ways.  Typically, if you treat your roommate how you wish to be treated, they will be likely to do the same for you in return.  You can be a good sober roommate by cooperating on the basics, like equally separating clothing space, maintaining a clean room, splitting chores fairly, and respecting one another’s sleeping schedules by not being disruptive.  Of course, you shouldn’t forget the number one rule of how to be a good roommate: stay sober!  The only thing worse than bringing yourself down would be bringing others down with you.  You are both trying to better yourselves, so if you are true to keeping healthy relationships, try not being negative influences on one another.  That wouldn’t be fair to either of you.

What To Do If My Roommate Relapses

On the other hand, if your roommate is the one that ends up in a relapse, you need to remind yourself that you came into recovery to work on you and though knowing how to be a good roommate will benefit you, you should not get wrapped up in doing what others may be doing around you.  Healthy relationships do have pitfalls at times, so it is okay to be there as support for your roommate. Keep in mind that if they do not want to continue with their recovery, you may find it best to distance yourself.

How To Set Healthy Boundaries 

In order to have healthy relationships, healthy boundaries must be set, and they are necessary to be a good roommate.  If you find that you have not been getting along with your roommate, you may just need to tap into some toleration of one another.  Having a healthy boundary between both of you would be coming to terms with not discussing personal issues with one another.  You do not have to divulge intimate issues with one another, but if you are living in the same room, you should both be respectful of one another.

It may become increasingly difficult in early recovery to communicate effectively with your loved ones, even if you are not physically around them, but in order to have healthy relationships, effort is required.  You will find that setting boundaries with family, friends, or your significant other is beneficial because you will all know where you stand.  Also, practicing how to be a good roommate will help you work on some of your own character defects as maintenance in your recovery. Early in recovery, you don’t have to share every little detail about where you are.  In the beginning and throughout your recovery process, you will want to focus on you and your sobriety because anything you put before that, you will lose.  In order to have healthy relationships with any loved ones in your life, you need to work on yourself so that you can be the person you were meant to be.  In time, you will find it easier to discuss pressing issues with your loved ones, but there’s no rush to jump into anything life-altering the moment you begin your recovery process.  Patience is not just necessary with your loved ones, but also with your recovery.


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