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Drug Addiction News

3D Printing Could Revolutionize the Drug Industry

DIY drugs could soon revolutionize the drug industry and make controlled substances a thing of the past. 3D printing has been a developing technology that can print anything from tools to human hearts – and now, potentially drugs.  Lee Cronin, a chemist from the University of Glasgow in Scotland, UK, stated that he has actually created a prototype called the 3D “Chemputer” and claims that it can in fact create drugs by assembling chemical compounds on a molecular level. Looks like your kids at home science kits may take on a whole new meaning if the 3D Chemputer makes way.

Recovery News

Partying Sober

Party Sober Clothing is gaining popularity among young adults and those in recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism. Co-founders Dominic Suazo and Ferril Davis started the clothing line back in July of 2012 to help promote drug free living among teens and young adults. They also promote positive lifestyles through sharing their own experience with drugs and alcohol and where it had taken them. They are very active in the recovery community and the music industry, spreading the word through fashion that being clean and sober rocks.

Strange News

My Strange Addiction

Being an addict and alcoholic may seem strange to normal people, but what about other addictions, like drinking your own urine? My Strange Addiction on TLC shared one woman’s story where she was addicted to drinking, bathing, snorting, and even brushing her teeth with her own urine. In one video she says, “I like warm pee, it’s comforting.” Her theory behind the obsession with consuming her own urine was that it was curing her melanoma and was “your body’s own medicine.” Doctors expressed their concern that it appears she still had the cancer and that the toxins in her blood were high. She stated that she was not giving up drinking her own urine and that it’s working for her. Denial can be a tricky thing.


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