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Hey You! Get Off Of My Pink Cloud?

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When a person experiences short-term sobriety, there may be a tendency to over-celebrate and revel in a new found freedom away from addiction, alcoholism or any kind of substance abuse. Whether you are in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or others, the pink cloud people are easy to find. They are the people who may find themselves a little too confident, happy, joyous and free. Not that there is anything in the least bit wrong with being happy joyous and free. The problem is that if there is no substance supporting the light-hearted attitude, then you have built happiness onto a faulty foundation.

Balance in Recovery

Life in recovery is all about balance. When your life revolves around the self destruction of a drug or alcohol addiction, and rehab or a sober stint eliminates the external problem of abuse, the fallout can set you up for even more failure. Getting sober is only the first step in living a life of proper balance. As an addict or alcoholic, the mind is entrenched in a myopic world; only a few things are worthy of attention, and unfortunately these are the things that hurt you and others around you.

Pink Cloud High

The pink cloud people (or even “black cloud” people, either extremity of delirious elation or hopeless despondency) still can tend to live in the unhelpful and unrealistic myopia. The way you think about yourself is the most important thing you do that affects what you do. Don’t take yourself too seriously in early recovery, but certainly take sobriety seriously. Again, living a healthy life is all about balance and staying away from extremes. For example if you deny your body carbohydrates in order to lose weight, your brain will not function properly, creating more problems than the weight would cause. You can lose weight and still maintain a healthful equilibrium in your diet. The same thing applies to addiction recovery. When you strive to keep the good and bad things in life in proper perspective, the balance should translate to substantiating sobriety and maintaining a healthy life making your recovery first.

Remember, if you are not working a program of recovery and you find yourself floating on a pink cloud, you may not be firmly planted. If you are new in recovery, it is good idea to surround yourself with those addicts and alcoholics who are working a strong 12 step program. This way, if life happens and you fall from that happy pink cloud, you will have someone to catch you and help before a potential relapse happens. For more information on recovery help from addictions and alcoholism, call 1-800-853-1614, 24/7.

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