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Heroin Overdose Pictures Of Couple With 4-Year-Old In Car

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The City of East Liverpool, Ohio posted some shocking heroin overdose pictures taken by police showing how bad the heroin epidemic is really getting. A couple was pulled over after their car was spotted driving erratically, nearly hitting a school bus with children nearby. Inside, two adults were suffering from a heroin overdose while a 4-year-old boy sits patiently in the backseat.

Graphic Heroin Overdose Pictures

Heroin Overdose Pictures









Ohio Heroin Overdose Pictures









James Acord, 47, and Rhonda Hasek, 50, were both treated and arrested. They are now facing multiple charges, including child endangerment. Ohio police said that they wanted to share these upsetting heroin overdose pictures so that people could truly see “the other side of this horrible drug.”

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Although these images will most likely not help get people clean and sober today, it does bring up the very important conversation of how we are really treating the heroin epidemic. This is exactly what this drug is doing to people and just arresting without a solution to treat the addiction isn’t working. Maybe these horrible heroin overdose pictures will help wake up officials and really start to address the problem of drug addiction with a real solution – treatment followed by a program of recovery.

Recovering From The Deadly Disease Of Heroin Addiction

Heroin addicts can and do recover fully from heroin addiction, but it requires a plan of action. A quick medical detox, a few nights in jail, and a probation punishment will not help an addict stay clean and sober long-term. This is because they are fighting the disease of addiction alone and without proper treatment. Those who stay clean and sober long-term are most successful when they have completed a full continuum of care treatment plan, which includes a medical detox, inpatient and outpatient rehab, and the option to attend a sober living environment until the addict is ready to transition back into society.

Hope, Help, and Healing

We hope that those who have seen these images recognize that although heroin addiction is deadly, chronic, and progressive, there is still hope and recovery is possible. Contact us today at 1-800-861-1768 for more information on how you, or a loved one, can recover from the disease of addiction.

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