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How To Build Healthy Relationships

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Creating and maintaining healthy relationships with others when you are in the beginning process of your recovery can be challenging.  The ingredients to creating healthy relationships include communication, patience, and most importantly, boundaries.  Healthy relationships require both parties to be capable of expressing their needs to one another in an appropriate manner in order for one another’s needs to be met.  In early recovery, a lack of this being executed properly can cause distress not just in the addict’s life, but in the lives of the people they surround themselves with as well.  This is why it is crucial for the recovering addict to gain a better understanding how to have healthy relationships.

Building Blocks For Healthy Relationships

When it comes to healthy relationships, many have said that communication is essential.  Without both people addressing their needs, the other people involved are left having to guess, which can lead to getting the wrong impression and creating the opposite effect desired.  For example, the recovering addict may be struggling and want another person to be there as support by listening to them vent, but they don’t know how to approach them, which leads to them avoiding their friend.  The friend might not realize that the addict wants their support because the addict seems to be ignoring them, which might cause the friend to stay away, under the assumption that the addict would like some space for a while.  This is the perfect example of how without healthy relationships, false assumptions can turn a fairly easy communicable scenario into a mess of mis-communication.

The better method in this situation, that would promote healthy relationships, would be for the addict to turn to their friend and specifically ask for help or tell them what they are struggling with.  In the friend’s case, they can always offer to be there – that way the addict knows it is okay to turn to their friend.  Of course, patience would also be involved in this example, because the friend might very well need to be understanding of the addict’s reluctance to request assistance or support.  This allows both people to know where they stand with one another, which creates an appropriate boundary, which is a necessity in healthy relationships.  When both parties are properly discussing what is going on by being honest and open-minded in their communication, as well as patient and tolerant with one another, their needs should ideally be met as part of maintaining healthy relationships with one another.

Relationships In Recovery

Building healthy relationships is not a simple matter, but when you are able to communicate, be patient, and set some healthy boundaries, you will be much more present and tolerable with the people around you.  Healthy relationships with new people in your life, family, friends, and significant others will develop better over time and can always be worked on, so try not to get too frustrated if they are some problems along the way.  The road to recovery may not always be smooth, but it’s definitely worth the few bumps to get to where you want to be!


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