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Healthy Habits: 5 Tips To Better Your Mind, Body, & Spirit

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HEALTHY-HABITSHealthy balance between your mind, body, and spirit is important – especially when in recovery from addiction. Here are 5 simple healthy habits that anyone can us at any point of their recovery to help build a stronger and happier foundation in life.

Building Healthy Habits

Be Optimistic

The glass is half-full if you want it to be half-full. Keeping a positive attitude and being grateful is one of the easiest ways to be happy and out of self-pity. Also, what you think can affect how you feel, so be sure to be kind to yourself and others. Some suggestions to help you have positive attitude are keeping a daily gratitude journal of all the wonderful things you do have rather than focusing on what you don’t have. Another great way to keep healthy thoughts flowing is to surround yourself with positive people, places, and things. If you are hanging out with negative people or places (like isolating for too long), you may find yourself slipping into unhealthy thinking behaviors. Being aware of how you are interacting with yourself, others, and the world will help clarify what positive changes you may need to make in your life.

Take Action

Get out of your head and into action. Sometimes just moving a muscle changes a thought. The more active you are in your life, the more energy you will obtain. Be sure to have balance though.  You don’t want to burn yourself out either. Being active in your recovery, your life, and society as a whole is a great way to not only feel part of life, but feel like you are actually participating as well. Take action today, you might be surprised at how quickly your attitude will change.

Good Nutrition

Eating healthy and drinking plenty of water is important not just for your body, but also for you mind. What you eat can affect your mood, so it’s crucial to make sure you are getting the proper nutrients you need in order to be the best you can be today.

Get Sleep

Sleep, sleep, sleep! Getting enough restful sleep each day will make a huge difference in how you feel and act towards yourself and others. Being too tired affects a lot of behaviors like eating unhealthy foods, attitude, energy level, etc… so make sure you get adequate enough sleep for yourself each night. If you want to continue on building healthy habits, proper sleep will help you achieve that goal.

Act Human

If you are always walking around like you are trying to be perfect or better than others, stop. This action will prevent you from being happy, joyous, and free. Nothing is more crippling than having feelings and not being able to express them because you think you have to be perfect. The other side, is that we torture others with this holier than thou attitude. We expect everyone else to live up to our expectations and punish them when we feel they don’t fill that role. It’s unfair to you and those around you. So, just for today, allow yourself to be human, because you may need real help someday and it easier to share that with someone when your ego/pride is not controlling your life.

We hope these 5 simple steps will help you build a better present and future for yourself today!

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