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HBO’s Heroin: Cape Cod Shows The Shady Side Of The Beach (Video)

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A new HBO documentary called Heroin: Cape Cod could be ground breaking in the effort to bring attention to the heroin epidemic that is consuming small communities throughout the nation. It focuses on the struggles of eight young adults that have become heroin addicts in the quaint, summer destination town of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Heroin: Cape Cod

This intense documentary was directed and created by Academy Award-winner, Steven Okazaki. Okazaki also directed HBO’s White Light/Black Rain: The Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasak.

Cape Cod is known for its charming villages and beaches straight out of the magazines. From the outside looking in, most people wouldn’t believe that the heroin epidemic has struck this modest town.

Massachusetts reports an estimated 1,250 heroin overdose deaths in 2014. Today, 85% of crimes committed on Cape Cod are opiate-related.

Since 2001, opiate induced overdoses that resulted in death have quadrupled in America. Most heroin addicts start with the use, and then abuse, of prescription painkillers that were prescribed by a doctor post-surgery or accident. To give an example of how bad this plague has become, the small town of Falmouth, Mass, has seen an average of four heroin overdose deaths per year alone.

“There are very few people I met in Massachusetts who didn’t have a connection to this crisis,” says director Steven Okazaki. “It has taken a very real, and wide toll in a way that I did not see 20 years ago. I think this documentary could have been made in many communities around New England and across the country.”

Heroin: Cape Cod, USA also visited with the Parents Supporting Parents Group of Cape Cod, a nationwide organization created to help educate and support family members who are coping with addiction. Parents discussed their experience with how heroin has consumed their children, lives, and their community; they also describe personality changes and co-dependency traits. In detail, they describe the vicious cycle of going in and out of detox, further illustrating the urgency of treating addiction.

Although devastating, this documentary is desperately needed because Cape Cod is just one small town among hundreds of thousands that are struggling with the same heroin epidemic. What the documentary didn’t emphasize, was there is a solution to the heroin epidemic that doesn’t end with jail or detox alone. Addiction, although incurable, is treatable and long-term treatment programs have shown to be the best option for treating heroin addiction, and providing the basis for a real solution to long-term recovery.

To learn more about long-term heroin addiction treatment, click here, or call The Watershed at 1-800-861-1768.

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