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New Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation: Betty Ford & Hazelden Have Merged

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Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Two major industry-leading addiction treatment facilities, The Betty Ford Center and Hazelden, have both made the decision during the past February to come together.  Merged under a new name,  Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, has become the largest nonprofit treatment center in the entire country.  Joined together, they have a mission statement that professes their wish to raise awareness and bring hope to reinstate the mentality of each suffering individual.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Both teams, originally separate organizations known as Hazelden and the Betty Ford Center, anticipated the merge for quite some time.  The Betty Ford Center was said to have been built solely on its own, having been praised for its commitments to all patients whom had attended the facilities.  With positive team members, trustees of the company see the merging with Hazelden as a great opportunity to continue to follow through with remaining loyal and assuring to all patients.  The President and CEO of the entire newly formed company, Mark Mishek, has stated that he is confident in the team working together to provide concrete, effective treatment and knowledge on the disease of addiction.  He continued with the firm remark, “Together, we will be better able to help all those who seek recovery find it.”  Both The Betty Ford Center and Hazelden have always been major, widely-known treatment centers, so they have plans to maintain, if not further develop, the legacy they have carried in the recovery process for patients.

With a new total of 15 different locations spread across the country, The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation follows the Twelve Step model.  There are residential and even outpatient services provided by the massive treatment company.  The organization does not just benefit the addict, but the addict’s family as well, catering to the need for support of anyone affected.  The entire institute provides a publishing house, a school specified for the study of addiction, a research department, medical team, and training, all of which pertain to recovery.  Together the organization foresees aiding a limitless amount of people in need of help.

Founded by itself in 1949, Hazelden was first located in Minnesota and followed a Twelve-Step format alongside drug abstinence for recovery.  The Betty Ford Center wasn’t founded until a few decades later, in 1982.  Betty Ford, an addict and alcoholic herself, created the facility based on the hopeful mentality that the stigma of the disease of addiction could be reduced and that addicts could find a new way to live.  Together, both of the beloved foundations of recovery remain on the same page of recovery, embracing their integrity and originally advanced techniques of reaching out to patients.  The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation gives people the ability have the best quality of life by standing up to the disease of addiction and conquering it head on.

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