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Drug Addiction USA: What Is The Hardest Drug To Quit?

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 Hardest Drug To QuitSo what is the hardest drug to quit in America right now? the answer, while we wish it to be a simply ordinal ranking from number one to number ten, is potentially all of them! Source A will say heroin is the worst drug, while another report, source B says that alcohol is, yet report C says that prescription pain medications are the worst. In fact, the drug is not even the biggest problem the addict has to deal with: in recovery we begin to learn that we are the problem! So the question “what are the worst drugs to use?” directly correlates with the economics and social variables of town, city and region of the country.

Hardest Drug To Quit

So what is the hardest drug to quit? Heroin, cocaine, crack, meth, opiates, or alcohol? There is no clear answer; it’s a balance between nature vs. nurture. For example, the leading cause of accidental death in America right now is drug overdose deaths from opioids like prescription pills and heroin. Now, it could be reasonably argued that since heroin has been so rampant, it is the hardest drug to quit, but for those who are addicted to other substances might strongly disagree. Th reality is, given the right timing and popularity, any narcotic has the potential to become the most addictive and hardest to quit.

We also had recently reported that fentanyl was one of the most dangerous drugs. This is not a false premise, because, at any time, someone will inevitably have an adverse experience abusing the medication and validate the claim. If you love a drug to the point your life is crashing down around you, you are willing to take ill-advised risks to obtain it, break the law to get it, hurt others to help yourself to it, well then whatever that drug is, you can be sure it will be hard to quit! And it is the most dangerous to you as well. Sure, all drugs effect the brain and body differently, some people may or may not be genetically predisposed to this or that drug, but the bottom line is that all drugs have potentiality to be the most addicting and the most dangerous.

I Can’t Stop Using

If you find that you can’t stop getting high or drinking, or when you do stop, you find you can’t stay stopped, you may have a problem with drugs or alcohol. To learn more about addiction and substance abuse, contact one of our certified behavioral health technicians today. We understand what you are going through and can help answer questions like: What can I expect when detoxing from drugs or alcohol?  How long do withdrawal symptoms last? What options are there for treating alcoholism or drug addiction? Supporting a loved one, or reaching out to someone if you need help yourself, can make the hardest drug to quit “quittable.”

Need help quitting drugs for good? Contact us now at 1-800-861-1768 or feel free to hit us up on our Drug Addiction Chat Line. No matter how powerful or strong your addiction is, we can help.

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