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Halloween Craft Ideas for People In Recovery

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For those early in recovery it may seem like everyone is getting drunk or high on Halloween. You may even feel left out or frustrated that you can’t celebrate like you use too, but there is still much fun to be had clean and sober. Here are some easy and fun Halloween craft ideas for you and your friends.  Abusing drugs and drinking alcohol doesn’t have to be the only way to have a good time on Halloween.  Aside from sitting by the fire, putting on a horror film, and spending time in good company of others, these are some Halloween craft ideas that can get you excited about the spooky holiday.

Halloween Craft Ideas

Being in recovery doesn’t mean that you have to stop enjoying Halloween.  It actually means quite the opposite!  It means that you get to be present because you have a new life and can actually enjoy the activities you are doing without the crutch that alcohol and/or drugs provided.  You will actually be able to remember the memories you are actively creating!

Decorate and Dress Up Pumpkins

Anyone can carve a pumpkin into a Jack O’ Lantern, but it takes patience and skill to transform a traditional orange pumpkin into a mystical creature!  Get together with some friends and have a friendly competition to see who can make the funniest or scariest Halloween-themed pumpkin!  Make sure you have all different colors of paints, brushes, glitter, string, glue, buttons, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, yarn, colored cotton balls, fluff, and other craft supplies.  You could turn your pumpkin into a witch, a character from a movie, or even each other! Click here for some inspiration: Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Homemade Scarecrows

Sure, you could buy the same, plain old-fashioned traditional scarecrow that your next door neighbor puts on their front lawn every October.  However, the alternative option to this is a little more enticing.  Gather some crumpled up newspaper, a pair of old baggy jeans, and a long sleeve button-up shirt.  Stuff the newspaper through the jeans and sleeves of the shirt.  Tuck the shirt in the jeans and hot glue, if you wish to secure it best.  Slide a pole or the stick of a broom through one of the pants leg and stick in the ground to hold the scarecrow up.  Cover the sleeves of the shirt with gloves and stick more newspaper inside the gloves to make them look like real hands.  Put boots on to cover the bottom of the pants.  You can have a burlap bag be the face or a scary Halloween mask. Try getting funky by adding string, hay, or leaves over the burlap and even busting out some spray paint, extra clothing, pumpkins, and decorations.  Make it your own!

Creepy Snake Curtain Clutch

Use three pieces of dark colored rope and braid them together.  Make sure that the end of the braid is fastened by using a small piece of black duct tape to look like a tail.  Line 16-gauge steel wire behind the rope and stick it with the duct tape.  Get a wooden spoon and paint it as close to the same dark color as the rope as you can.   Attach the wooden spoon to the back of the rope using the duct tape.  Create eyes on the wooden spoon using a white marker.  If you want, you can even buy googly eyes at a local craft store and stick them on.  Cut a tiny piece of red ribbon for a tongue and stick to the wooden spoon.  Hang this on a curtain by the window and spook out everyone who enters your home!



These are just a few Halloween craft ideas!  Remember what the true importance is behind any holiday, which is spending time with others and being able to be appreciative of the moment you are in.  Recovery does this by providing the individual with the sanity to function through the business of living without the use of alcohol and/or drugs.

Looking for more Halloween craft ideas and fun? Click here: Halloween Crafts 2014

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