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Halloween Costume Ideas For Sober People

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Halloween is just around the corner and many people in recovery are still wondering what kind of Halloween costume they can put together before the big day. Here are some creative costume ideas that are sure to be a big hit!

Recovery-Related Halloween Costumes Ideas

One Chip Wonder











Put on a Wonder Woman shirt and paint your face like the white chip (or wear one around your neck).


On Your Pink Cloud











Literally surround your entire waist with lots and lots of pink cotton balls.

Dealing With PAWS











Dress up as a cards dealer and put paw prints all over your costume.


Anonymous person










Pick a color and dress head to toe in it. Don’t forget to paint exposed skin in that color, too. Then stick on a name tag with “Anonymous” on it.












Get your best friend or significant other involved in this one. All you need is one large shirt and a marker and you’re all set.


Recovery Socialite

socialite costume










Draw/print a light-bulb in the middle of a shirt, and add social media logos around it.

Gift Of Recovery











For the ambitious – wear a large, wrapped box and write “recovery” on the gift tag.

Big Book Thumper


Dress up like Thumper from Bambi and carry around a big book.

Shed Head




And for those who are truly dedicated to The Watershed, create a shed hat and go as a Shed Head.

Do you have any costume ideas that you think other people in sobriety would love? Share in the comments below!

Need more ideas? Check here: Buzzfeed Halloween Costume Ideas

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