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Hairroin Salon Gives Out Hypodermic Needle Pens at Urban Outfitters

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Have you ever heard of Hairroin Salon and would you believe that they are providing hypodermic needle pens to be passed out at a typical teenager’s favorite clothing store? It’s true, and even the nation-wide frenzy over the heroin epidemic has not stopped Urban Outfitters from raising customers’ shock value by passing out hypodermic needle pens as part of a renewal of the partnership with the Hairroin salon.

Hairroin Salon and Urban Outfitters Partnership

Originally located in Los Angeles and later expanded to New York City, Hairron salon is a high-end hair salon that also works with many celebrities. Recently, the famous salon caught media attention, but for a very different reason. Hairroin has previously partnered with fashion clothing retailer Urban Outfitters. This time, however, part of the agreement to promote the Hairroin salon includes the retail store passing out a free giveaway – hypodermic needle pens. To make it more controversial, the salon’s slogan is, “Addicted to Style.” The partnership provides this free, blatant promotional item to consumers, seemingly without any consideration for the message it may send to young shoppers or how insensitive it is to be dispensed in a state like New York, where the amount of heroin deaths has significantly increased due to the rising heroin abuse epidemic. By giving away free hypodermic needle pens in a setting targeted toward a younger-age group range, the idea of using drugs – and taking them by the method of injection, nonetheless – is presented as socially acceptable or better yet, encouraged.  To add to the glamorization of illicit drug use, the store also sells shirts with the phrase, “I Love Hairroin.”

Urban Outfitters Previous Controversy

It may seem as though Urban Outfitters has not yet quite grasped the idea of what makes a product offensive, especially when it comes to being drug-related. Around this time last year, Urban Outfitters carried multiple products that promoted prescription drugs. The mockery was displayed on mugs, shot glasses, and flasks sold at the store. Controversy stemmed based on how the items made light of prescription pill drug abuse and promoted drinking alcohol. Letters from politicians and anti-drug groups poured in to the company’s CEO about the wrong message that the drug-related products were sending to people who shopped at the store, especially the young age group. Quick with a defense, a representative for the retailer referred to the controversial theme of the products as targeted for a specific category of customers that would find the concept to be humoring in its ineffectiveness. Despite this, Urban Outfitters took the initiative to remove the products from their stores in the end. Since these items instantaneously became products of the past, something far worse like this hypodermic needle pen should certainly not continue to be distributed freely, and one could imagine it won’t be much longer before history repeats itself by Urban Outfitters putting their relationship with the Hairroin salon to a halt.

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