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Gucci Mane ‘No Sleep’ Speaks To His New Soberlife (VIDEO)

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Gucci Mane is finally free after spending a few years in federal prison for a gun possession charge. Now that he is out his sober lifestyle and music seems to be reflecting a happier and healthier Gucci.

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Gucci Mane

After being locked up since 2013, Gucci was forced to confront his issues with drugs and alcohol. He ended up sobering up and toning up as a result. His new music single “No Sleep” dives deep into his journey with drug abuse and all the torture that comes with it.

Check out the new video now!

  • No Sleep [Explicit]” by Gucci Mane

A Nation In Crisis

We are a nation facing a major drug abuse epidemic so when stars and rappers like Gucci Mane come forward and share their experience on how they have overcome their addiction, it gives others hope. The moment when one addict admits and shares with another their story, the feeling of being alone seems to just vanish.

“I felt like I couldn’t make music sober, I couldn’t enjoy my money sober. Why would I wanna go to a club and couldn’t smoke or drink? I felt like sex wouldn’t be good sober. I associated everything with being high,” Gucci Mane explained

Millions of struggling addicts and alcoholics have experienced that same thought. Believing that the only way they could enjoy life was if they were either high or drunk, but as more celebrities come forward with the truth about their struggles, the more we see that we can’t actually live life like that and we don’t have to.

There Is A Solution

There is hope and healing outside the struggles of drug abuse and alcoholism. No person should have to suffer alone when there is real help available. If you are struggling to get clean and sober on your own, contact The Watershed today to learn how recovery can work for you too.

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