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Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Puts Recovery First

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In the world of celebrity rehab and rock stars in recovery, a new (but famous) name has joined the ranks of those pursuing a clean and sober life. Guitarist and vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong, front man for the iconic alternative rock band Green Day, checked himself into a rehab treatment center for an undisclosed reason last month.

Rock Star Recovery

An on-stage rant and an iHeartRadio Music Festival performance last month precipitated Armstrong’s admissions process. Green Day has been a solid fixture on the alternative music scene the early 1990’s, and the core members, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool are 40 years old like Armstrong. The band has a well documented history of alcohol and drug use, and their lyrics often reflected their partying habits in the past. You might say, “What is the big deal about another rock star in recovery?” This is a valid question, because Armstrong’s case seems to be the rule rather than the exception. What makes this an interesting story is the encouraging interview band mate and bassist Mike Dirnt gave to MTV reporters following Armstrong entering into rehab.

Recovery First

Dirnt communicated to reporters that Armstrong is putting his recovery first. “Billie doesn’t take things lightly, and he wouldn’t take rehab lightly either.” Everyone who pursues a clean and sober life can learn from Armstrong’s example. It is easy once you are discharged from a rehab facility to be tempted to try and jump right back into life, responsibilities and all. Whether that means taking care of family, finances, a job, or catching up on friendships, you can forget to place a high priority on your sobriety and put your recovery first. The two extremes here are, first, the complacent attitude that does not see the first drink or drug coming, and succumbs to the first temptation. The second extreme are the “pink cloud” types who are so enchanted by the freedom of early sobriety, they don’t know how to handle the first adverse life circumstance, the inevitable bump in the road.

Clean & Sober Life

Putting your recovery first is imperative for a balanced, clean and sober life. When you take care of yourself, you increase your ability to work your job responsibly, raise your kids effectively, have meaningful friendships and maintain healthy relationships. Neglecting the fact that your addiction and/or alcoholism brought you to a broken place and essentially proved that your life was unmanageable, you weather whatever momentum you gained in rehab. Balance is the key here, and that might not necessarily mean going to three AA or NA meetings a day for the rest of your life. But putting your recovery first also does not mean NOT doing those things that would be a succor to lifelong abstention from destruction habits and substances. This translates in acquiring the knowledge that addiction is wanton selfishness, and by putting your recovery first, you are inculcating selfless habits to better serve your family, job, and other responsibilities, or even paving the way for those things if you don’t have them yet.

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So, like Armstrong is putting recovery first for the future of his band, he his putting his life in perspective and we can definitely learn from this celebrity rehab story!

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