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5 Good Foods To Eat: Help Boost Your Recovery From Addiction

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When getting clean and sober it’s very important to make sure you drink lots of water and eat as healthy as you can (without skipping on meals or starving yourself).  Taking drugs and alcohol away affects not only the body, but the mind as well; this is why adding good foods to eat to your diet  is so crucial. Eating healthy will not only help your body heal from the abuse, but it will help balance your mood too. Having balance in early recovery is important, and it’s a lifestyle change that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. If you want your early recovery process to be a little easier, check out these 5 foods that will boost your health and happiness.

Good Foods To Eat

Walnuts – going nuts over resentment is not OK, so instead go nuts over walnuts! Walnuts contain unsaturated fats that are actually heart healthy.

Beans – beans, beans, the musical fruit…we’ll just leave it at that and say that beans are a great source of fiber. Beans not only help assist with lowering cholesterol, but they also offer antioxidants, and are considered a complex carb which can help regulate blood sugar.

Kale – dark green veggies are fantastic and packed with lots of vitamins A and C. Kale also provides tons of bone-building vitamin K, which is great for staying active long-term. Other dark leafy greens that are great for the body are: spinach, collard greens, and swiss chards.

Blueberries – fight the early recovery blues with a healthy dose of blueberries. These berries are a dynamo source of antioxidants, which have been known to fight free radicals (free radicals are rogue cells that are known to causes problems which may lead to disease and/or signs of aging – which is perfect for the addict/alcoholic who is suffering from the physical appearance of drug abuse and alcoholic drinking). Blueberries are also known to reduce belly fat while providing full nutrition.

Fish – fish is saturated with Omega-3 fats, which is good for your heart, but did you know fish is good for depression too? New evidence suggests that they may help protect the brain from clinical depression. Although fish is not a cure for mental health problems, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to help add this delicious treat to your dish.

Eating Healthy In Recovery

Those first few weeks and even months in recovery can sometimes be difficult for some, which is why including lots of water, sleep, and having a healthy diet are so crucial during this time. If it can help assist your healing process, why not give it a try? In addition to these good foods to eat, adding vitamin B12 to your daily vitamin regiment will help with energy and mood (please check with your Doctor to make sure if B12 is right for you first). Recovery isn’t just about getting clean and sober, it’s about living a new way of life and we hope these options help get you there!

Do you know of some good foods to eat that will help the body and mind? Please feel free to share it with us. You might even see your suggestion in a future article.

Happy Healthy Eating!

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