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Glee Drug Overdose Affects Loved Ones

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Lea Michele spoke out at the Teen Choice Awards this past week about her boyfriend, Glee star, Cory Monteith and his recent drug overdose. Glee star, Cory Monteith, passed away this past July after a long battle with drugs and alcohol. This is the first time Michele has spoken in public about her recent loss. Addiction is a disease that doesn’t just affect the addict or alcoholic, but their family, friends, and even supporters.

Drug Overdose

When the addict is using or the alcoholic is drinking it is difficult for them to see how their actions are affecting those around them. They may only think they are hurting themselves, but the truth is that anyone who comes in contact with them is affected. How many times have statements like, “It’s my life, I can do what I want,” caused harm to others? The Mom that stays up late by the phone waiting for that call that her child is dead from a drug overdose, the Dad that posts bail for his kid once again, the friends who get robbed, the taxpayers who are footing yet another rehab bill, the community who lives in fear of their property being taken or destroyed, and those who have lost loved ones because of a DUI know this pain all too well. All are affected as a direct result of drug abuse, not just the addict who suffers.

The recent death of Cory Monteith really shocked the Glee cast, family members, and fans as news spread that it was a result of a drug overdose. We can only hope that his death will help other kids see that drugs and alcohol are not as cool or glamorous as one might think; that anyone can fall victim to the disease of addiction, and that no amount of money can save you if you don’t want saving.

Drug Abuse Affects The Family Too

One hopes that when tragedy happens as a result of a drug overdose, that the experience will help others to seek help for their addiction. The struggles that the addict or alcoholic goes through are tragic to say the least, but to watch those around them struggle and feel totally powerless is equally heartbreaking. If you are struggling with addiction and can’t do it for yourself, we hope you find the strength to do it for your loved ones. You may find that in the end you are doing it for yourself afterall. If your loved one is the one struggling, there is hope, and you are not alone. For more information on how to help break the vicious cycle of addiction, call us today at 1-800-861-1768. We can help, because we understand firsthand what addiction does, and we know recovery is possible.


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