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10 Tips To Get Through Difficult Times

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Difficult TimesJust because we got clean and sober, doesn’t mean life won’t happen. We’re all eventually going to go through trials and tribulations. Here are some things to remember when you are going through difficult times.

Getting Through Difficult Times

Nothing is forever.

Nothing lasts forever – good or bad. Don’t worry about the length of time it lasts, either. So often we get caught up in how long the storm is going to be, that we tend to overthink, obsess, worry, and stress more. Instead, focus on what actions you need to take here and now.  Practice meditation and helping others as you go through this trial. Avoid setting a specific time frame that you need to adhere to – even if people tell you, “You should be done with this by now.” Each person’s journey is unique and special to them; this is your journey.  You will get through this – it just won’t be on your time. It will, however, be on the best time – your Higher Power’s time.

You have gotten through other challenges.

Think of all the challenges you have faced in your past. Eventually you made it through them, so why should this time be any different? It’s totally normal to worry that you won’t get through this new, difficult experience. Maybe you’ve forgotten that this isn’t the first time you thought you’d never make it through. But you know what? You did! Take time to focus on each positive step that is happening rather than focusing on all the things that are, or could, go wrong. A positive attitude positively affects the mind, body, and spirit.

It’s an opportunity to grow.

This is a perfect time to grow closer to your Higher Power, your recovery program, and your supports – not further away. Take this time through prayer and meditation to do so. Some of the most beautiful stories didn’t start out so great.

You are not alone.

There is someone out there who shares your experience, but you won’t know who that person is unless you open up about it. Many times when we are “in it”, we don’t remember to look outside of ourselves. We miss out on the benefit of connecting with other people who have had an experience that is the same or similar. There’s most likely at least one other person near you who is also going through a difficult time, and it can be just as beneficial to share your support as it is to receive it.

Not getting what you want may be a blessing.

Some of the greatest blessings come in disguise. What is actually meant to come to you will be far greater than any plan you have. But you won’t be able to receive it if you are standing in your own way. This is where letting go by taking action and divorcing yourself from the results is helpful. If you are not sure what action to take, talking with supports and praying will help with that, too. Sometimes we have to quiet our thoughts so we can hear the true answer. If you do know what you need to do or should do, then take the action to do it. You may be scared, but nothing changes if nothing changes, and maybe this is the change that will help you get through this.

Let go of regrets, remorse, or guilt.

Allow yourself to feel all your feels, but do not morbidly reflect on the past. “Coulda, woulda, shoulda,” need to be erased from your thinking. This is where prayers asking to help relieve you of old ideas can be extremely beneficial.

Stop beating yourself up.

You are not being punished, and if you think you are, that is one of those fear-driven thoughts that should be thrown out with the trash. Ask your Higher Power to remove these old ideas and help replace them with new ones.

You are loved.

Your Higher Power wants you to be happy, joyous, and free, so stop living in the past and fearing the future. Be here and be now, remember that you are very loved, and you will be helped, carried, and guided through this.

Stay away from negative people.

Do not discuss your problems, fears, or worries with people you don’t trust or who are negative. Talking with positive people who want what is best for you will lift you up instead of encouraging more negative, fearful thoughts. If someone is only bringing more confusion, worry, and fearful ideas into your life, pull away with love and go to supports that will help.

With your Higher Power, all things are possible.

All things are possible when your Higher Power is in charge. Now is the time to stop trying to control, manipulate, and manage this difficult time. Also remember that time takes time, so don’t expect everything to be resolved in a matter of days, weeks, months, or years. Life is a journey, and when we put an expiration date on when we should be out of something, we only create more anxiety, fear, and worry, which adds more stress to an already difficult situation. Allow yourself to flow through this process and keep turning it over each time you take it back. One day at a time, trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, and that you will be OK.

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