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Narcan Nasal Spray Available To U.S. High Schools For Free

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It is no secret that the opiate epidemic is growing at an astronomical rate in our nation, especially among teens and young adults. As we work on preventing drug abuse and addiction, immediate treatment plans also need to be implemented.

Adapt Pharma, the creator of the opiate overdose nasal spray, Narcan, will provide any High School in the U.S. with a free carton so that overdoses can be treated immediately.

Free Narcan Nasal Spray

Narcan contains the drug Naloxone, and it comes in two forms – nasal spray or injection. The drug has the capability to reverse overdose by blocking opioids from depressing the nervous system, and starting an immediate withdrawal from the drug.

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“Our distribution partnership with Smith Medical Partners is a key milestone in implementing high school access to a medication that can make an impact when seconds may count,” said Mike Kelly, President, U.S. Operations, Adapt Pharma. “This device will equip those in our communities– families, friends, caregivers and school nurses – with a tool they can rely on without need for medical training or expertise.”

Drug abuse can affect anyone at any age, so if you have a child attending high school currently, please make sure your school knows about Narcan so that more lives can be saved from this devastating disease.


Treatment After Narcan

Although Narcan is helping prevent overdose deaths, there are still pathways to be paved in recovering from drug addiction. Education and wide accessibility to treatment for those struggling to get clean are going to be our best defense against long-term drug abuse. Since addiction is a progressive, chronic brain disease, we can’t just administer Narcan and expect the person to stay clean on their own without help or support. We will be setting them up for failure. Treatment and a program of recovery are the best long-term options to heal from the disease of addiction. Click here to find out how you get help for addiction for yourself or for someone you love.  Recovery is possible and you can start today.

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