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Death of Fredric Brandt Draws Focus on Mental Illness and Suicide

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The tragic death of Fredric Brandt occurred on Sunday, April 5 in Coconut Grove, Florida at his home, according to spokesperson Frederica Burden who was working with Miami police. Brandt was a man who had wealth and success but wasn’t immune to depression and suicide.

Fredric Brandt’s Suicide

Fredric Brandt became known as the “Baron of Botox” because he was famous for his work with facial reconstruction.  “Before Botox was out, when collagen was around in the 1980s, doctors were still injecting individual wrinkles,” dermatologist Dr. Peter Kopelson explained, who works in the Beverly Hills area.  “When we’re young our faces are top-heavy, and as we get older they become bottom heavy. Fred was one of the first to look at the face structurally and understand the possibilities of using fillers to restore that underlying structure. He was a huge pioneer of that.”  Brandt made groundbreaking discoveries by committing to his dermatology research.  He was dedicated to his work and continued researching to find innovative methods.

The Man Who Had it All

After graduating Rutgers University and receiving a medical degree from Drexel University, Brandt still educated himself further at New York University and Memorial Sloan Ketting Cancer Center in Manhattan by studying oncology and nephrology.  He continued his education at the University of Miami by studying dermatology.  He became efficient in coming-of-age treatments and cutting-edge technologies, allowing him to transform how the world would see facial features.

Did Tina Fey’s Bullying Parody Contribute to Suicide?

Reports claimed the famous dermatologist struggled with depression for an extended period of time.  Brandt felt ridiculed when he was parodied on Tina Fey’s comedy series, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.”  Nobody enjoys being mocked, but unfortunately that can come with the territory of fame.  It is safe to say no one likes to be judged, even famous people.  Celebrities suffering from mental illness tend to be highly scrutinized by the public.  People Magazine claimed a source close to Brandt confirmed the “show upset him,” and went on to say, “It was a mean characterization. [Fredric Brandt] was a human being, no one would like that. It was making fun of him for the way he looked and it was mean and it was bullying … He suffered from depression. He always seemed like the life of the party, he would sing and rap his way through the day.”  Bullying is a major issue.  It can impact people in significant ways because words people say can stick with individuals to affect their thinking.

Death and Stigmatization of Mental Illness

Brandt’s death captured the truth about mental illness and how it does not discriminate.  An individual should never feel like death is the only option they have left, because it’s not.  Mental illness is not a death sentence, nor does it mean the sufferer must live a miserable life.

Mental illness can often co-occur with substance use disorders.  Do you have a drug and/or alcohol addiction?  Chat live now!

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