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Forcing Drug Addicts Into Treatment

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Have you or someone you know ever been diagnosed with cancer or another serious disease? If so, you understand that such diseases require immediate medical attention and often seriously intensive treatment. You also understand the gravity of such situations and the life-threatening problems that result from neglecting such diagnoses. Someone with a six pound malignant tumor in their abdomen would be foolish to ignore a medical exhortation to have the tumor surgically removed. And following the surgery, it would be also be foolish to ignore advice for any subsequent preventative treatment or therapy. This logical approach to serious diseases is also an analogy to the recommendations of mental health physicians in the world of addiction treatment programs.

Forcing Drug Addicts Into Getting Help

Many addiction treatment centers garner negative critiques that focus on the perceived draconian policies that keep patients under locked guard. While this is an exaggeration of the truth, policies like this may in actuality become more of a reality in the future. A recent article details a bill going before Michigan legislature that could force institutionalization on drug addicts and alcoholics that may be a danger to themselves or to the public. If passed, this would be a ground-breaking law, allowing interventions to take a legal stand and potentially helping the millions of addicts and alcoholics that are in denial about their substance abuse problems.

Invasion Of Privacy?

“Under the pending legislation, family members, health professional, or any three people who have personal knowledge of the person’s substance abuse may file a petition with the state if there is an indication that the addicted person either posed a danger to themselves or the public. The petition will be heard by a judge who would then determine whether or not to submit the drug addict for evaluation.” These addicts are those who wouldn’t want the initial help, as well as empower enablers and bystanders to take a more affirmative stance in interloping in a positive way in addicts’ lives. A rational cancer patient would not deny a doctor’s advice on viable treatment options. An addict who is sick in addiction may not have the logical and rational wherewithal to accept the help that they need.

Or Intervening in Problems?

Contacting a medically accredited and professional addiction treatment center to fully understand patient rights and policies is helpful when considering treatment options. If the Michigan bill is made into a law, this could set a trend nation wide. Having questions answered concerning patients’ rights and other issues should be done with respect, honesty and integrity of the treatment center. Choosing the right facility can mean the world and life to a struggling addict or alcoholic!


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