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Boca Raton Couple Goes To Trial For Distribution Of Synthetic Weed

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Synthetic-WeedThe West Boca Raton, Florida couple that was accused of producing synthetic weed goes to trial.

William Sands and his wife Ann Marie Sands of west Boca Raton, Fl could be facing prison time if they are convicted on charges that include the manufacture and sale of synthetic weed.

Synthetic Weed vs. Incense

“Fraud is the daughter of greed,” stated Assistant State Attorney Aaron Papero to jurors in his opening statements on Wednesday, November 4. The quote is derived from the novel, The Great California Game, written by Jonathan Gash.

Papero explained that the Sands’ acquired the synthetic weed from China and then packaged it for re-sale in a local warehouse that appeared to mimic a synthetic marijuana operation. The prosecutor argued that although William Sands had explained to employees that the product was not intended for human consumption, flavors were created – peppermint, bubble gum and cherry – suggesting a thorough understanding that the product might be ingested, especially since these untested products were actually being sold in smoke shops.

The Sands’ defense attorney, Jacob Noble, explained to the jury that Papero had no real evidence that would suggest the couple was selling with the intent to abuse, and that the incense packets were 100% legal. The couple had even previously spoken with their attorney to be sure that the substances they were selling were not the ones added to the ever-growing list of synthetic weed that have been banned in Florida. Noble added that once the incense that contained a potpourri mixture was considered illegal, the Sands pulled it from production.

Other issues that were presented by the defense were that the couple had kept detailed reports of receipts and purchases, suggesting that if they were drug dealers, they would have more to hide. In addition, at least 3 of the eyewitnesses had struck deals to remain out of legal troubles themselves, and one of their stories was found to be inconsistent.

What the end result will be for this couple is unknown at this time, but odds may not be in their favor.  In October, Ronen Nahmani, a Miami man, was the first person to be convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison for the distribution of synthetic weed in the state of Florida, officials told the Miami Herald.

We have seen a surge of synthetic drugs take over not only the state of Florida, but other states throughout the country as well. The more we become aware of the dangers of synthetic weed, the more we are able to stop the sales of the product. Hopefully, new bans will help lessen the degree at which drug addicts are able to obtain these drugs. That said, if we also treat the problem (addiction), there will be less demand for the products in the first place.

What are your thoughts about synthetic drugs? We want to hear from you! Share your opinion in the comments below.

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