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Heroin Pill Making It’s Rounds In Florida

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heroin-pill-floridaThe Florida Attorney General’s Office and law enforcement have issued a warning to Florida residents about a new form of heroin on the streets. A heroin pill is now making its rounds.

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Florida Heroin Pill Problem

The heroin epidemic is taking yet another turn for the worse. Detective Larry McKinnon, spokesman for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office stated, “They package it like that so you no longer have to keep it in a plastic baggie, no longer is it in powder form. It’s very easy to transport, it’s easier to disguise as prescription medication and simply put it in a pill bottle.”

Heroin is already a dangerous drug that Florida, as well as the nation, is battling. What makes the pill form of heroin more frightening is that users may not actually know they are ingesting heroin. The pills look just like your average over the counter drug. They also do not know what the pill is even mixed with, which could easily lead to an overdose.

Heroin Epidemic

“If you don’t know what it is, don’t take it,” says detective McKinnon.

It may seem like common sense to not swallow an unknown pill, but for those who are struggling with drug addiction, it’s not that easy to say no. If you are struggling with a drug addiction problem, we urge you to seek treatment for your addiction as soon as possible. Potentially dying from an unknown drug is not a risk worth taking.

The disease of addiction takes a strong hold, and turning down the opportunity to get high can seem impossible – but we know how you can live life free from the grip of this deadly disease. Contact The Watershed today for more information on how you can stop and stay stopped for good.

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