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Florida Amendment 2: Medical Marijuana Approved

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On November 8th, Florida voted Yes on Amendment 2Florida Amendment 2, legalizing medical marijuana during this year’s election. What does it mean now that Florida Amendment 2 has passed?

Florida Amendment 2

This means that the legalization of medical marijuana has passed and licensed state physicians can prescribe marijuana for individuals who suffer from debilitating illnesses or diseases. This will also allow the Department of Health to regulate the production of marijuana as well as distribution centers.

Florida Amendment 2 needed only 60 percent of the votes to pass; it received over 70 percent this time. In 2014, the provision for medical marijuana fell short by 3 percent. Florida is now the 26th US State to legalize marijuana for recreational or medical use.  So now, many Floridians are wondering when the Amendment will be implemented.

The Florida Department of Health will work towards passing regulations, and has up until July of 2017 to do so. Around this time next year, the state must start to register marijuana growers, dispensaries, and other facilities that will help regulate and dispense the drug. Medical marijuana cards will start to be issued for patients at this time as well.

Although over 70 percent of Florida voted yes on Amendment 2, many are still skeptical about it’s place here in the sunshine state. Concerns of unregulated “pot shops” or the addition of potential drug abuse issues have been presented. In this case the Amendment allows both the health department and the Legislature the ability to monitor and regulate medical marijuana so that both can be prevented.

What are your views on Florida Amendment 2? Please comment below.

To Those In Recovery

Drug addiction is a devastating and debilitating disease, so if you are in recovery we would suggest not picking up medical marijuana and seeking alternative methods of medical treatment in order continue your sobriety long-term. If you would like to talk with one of addiction specialist today, contact us at 800-861-1768.

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