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Five Things Being Wasted Helped You Do

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Most alcoholics and addicts consume because they like the effects that are produced by the substance. They also feel like super heroes in some way – alcohol and drugs give them courage. Being drunk or high allows the user to be completely free from worry, fear, and too much thinking. It allows them to do things they would normally never do. Here is a list of things that alcoholics and addicts do best when they are wasted.

5 Things Drunks & Addicts Do Better Than You When They Are Wasted


When you are wasted, flirting is ridiculously easy. There is no shame or fear; it’s all about you and you are slick for sure. Who wouldn’t want to see your charming face and charismatic attitude at this fancy dive bar or local crack house? Let’s get honest – most alcoholics and addicts have huge social fears when it comes to flirting and even sex, so drugs and alcohol make it easy to engage. Who even cares if you got rejected while loaded. There are plenty of fish in the sea where you’re at, so let’s have another round!


When you talk high or drunk, your words are like magic. You don’t even care what the other person is thinking or saying; you can talk circles around them and you know it. Forget the fact that they are either just going along with the conversation until they could be at a safe enough distance to run, or that they are just as equally messed up as you – you are a star! Too bad you never really have anything to show for it though.


Your dancing when you are loaded is amazing. Were you on America’s Got Talent? No? you should be. Remember when the floor cleared so you could show off that impressive solo dance you’ve been working on at your mom’s in front of the mirror? Classic! Of course nobody was getting off the floor because you were hitting them; they just wanted to see your moves Michael Jackson.


OMG, yes, everyone can relate to this. You had the crowd going and pretty much have it going at every social event you go to when you’re wasted. You are so funny, it’s talked about at like every party you attend. Like that time you peed yourself – hysterical! The fact that you were able to make a bunch of other high and drunk people laugh is amazing too.


It’s true that most addicts and alcoholics are definitely more creative when they are loaded. Drinking and drugging allows them to tap into their  hidden talents, because otherwise they would have to actually think and be creative naturally. That painting where you scattered a bunch of colors on the canvas and drew a sad face? Nailed it! You get art, and that of course would have been difficult sober.

Drug Addiction & Alcoholism Is A Wasted Life

Those who have recovered from alcoholism and drug addiction will totally get this because at some time or another they really believed these lies they told themselves. We thought that if we got clean and sober, we were never going to be able to flirt, talk to people comfortably, dance, create or even be funny. We actually believed that we would never be the same, and we were right. The longer one is in recovery, the more comfortable they become in their own skin. Most addicts/alcoholics run on fear when they are in active addiction, so coming into recovery, they have to learn how to live without the courage of drugs and alcohol. They do this by working a program of recovery, and you can too. If you would like to learn how to live without the crutch of drugs or alcohol, call us today! We know how to help because we were once there too.

Addiction Helpline: 1-800-861-1768.

Written By: Watershed Ashling

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