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Five Steps Lindsay Lohan Can Take To Recover From Alcohol

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Lindsay Lohan is given the opportunity to go to a rehab facility again, instead of prison, as sentenced in court for her most recent criminal offenses. Last week Lohan pleaded guilty to criminal charges related to her car accident in June 2012, as well as for violating probation and lying to law enforcement. In exchange for what would have been three months of jail time, she will be enrolled in a 90 day rehab program where she will be treated for addictions to various prescription drugs and abusive behaviors with her drink of choice, vodka. Following, she’s required to complete 18 months of therapy and two more years of probation. Here are some ways Lohan can recover from alcohol long-term.

Recover From Alcohol

Just like anyone whose life is plagued by addiction, there are some deal-breakers addicts in recovery must address in order for sobriety to even be plausible. Here are five things that need to happen in order for Lohan to recover from alcohol:

#1 Be Open, Honest, & Willing

The primary hindrance to Lohan’s sobriety is her adamant denial of past, or present substance abuse. Even though most of her criminal offenses can be traced back to her problems with addiction, she refuses to acknowledge to herself and others that she has a problem with drugs and alcohol. Denial is not uncommon for most addicts or alcoholics who are too fearful to quit, or simply don’t want to give up their current lifestyle. The first signs of real hope are when an addict begins to comes to accept that may be suffering from an addiction or  substance abuse problem. Being diligent to practice transparency and honest self-reflection is a crucial part of the recovery process.

#2 Rehab For the Right Reasons

A 90 day rehab program in a comfortable facility while having a opportunity to work on mental health issues obviously beats staring at the inside of a jail cell for days on end. However, neither does much good for her sobriety if she doesn’t treat it as a real opportunity to better herself. Keeping in mind she has already gone through numerous court ordered stays in rehab, it seems she only goes to treatment when legally obligated. Lasting sobriety is usually best obtained for those who really work a program of recovery and want it more than they want to use.

#3 Get Rid of Toxic Relationships

This is a crucial action item for anyone moving towards recovery; but it would be especially difficult for celebs, like Lohan, who have such easy access to people willing to encourage their habit by supplying whatever they want. Lohan is notorious for running with the wrong crowd. It’s typical for substance abusers to hang around people who support their behavior, and to push away those who make them feel uncomfortable with it. Surely the limelight can feel lonely at times, but if she truly wants to deal with addiction, then finding an alternative source of wholeness and peace is a must.

#4 Twelve Step Fellowship

Once Lohan has rid herself of bad relationships, she can now start to build healthy ones in recovery.  Many recovering addicts are initially surprised at how helpful it is to engage in a fellowship with other recovering addicts and alcoholics. Men and woman who are working a true program of recovery are supportive and  have built healthy boundaries; they are usually not entangled in a mess of toxic relationships. By focusing on quality relationships rather than quantity, there will be a strong foundation for implementing the final essential element of lasting sobriety.

#5 Put Recovery First

The overall point of this final element is accountability. As someone who is constantly in the public eye (more often than not with negative press), Lohan will constantly need to be in check of emotions, people, and places which would normally trigger desires to use again. Sobriety needs to be put first, so suggestions given by rehab counselors should be followed thoroughly and honestly.

Recover From Alcohol Long-term

With a track record of six failed bouts with rehab, one would think the wayward actress might grow tired of the drug-facilitated lifestyle and the negative publicity it produces. However, the fact of the matter is that getting into recovery can be hard for anyone until they are willing to do something differently. Lohan is no different than any other addict, the only real difference is that we see her life crumble because of her celebrity status. Lohan has clearly dealt with some horrific scrutiny in her 26 years of life, but there are many celebrities in recovery who have faced similar trials and have maintained sobriety for years. We would all do well to remember the insidious nature of addiction, and that nobody is exempt from the possibility of battling similar issues. In the same way, societal status doesn’t excuse anyone from taking the necessary steps to achieve lasting sobriety. So, while Lohan was used as an example, these five steps apply to anyone who is ready to commit to change.

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