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Fiona Apple Heckled On Stage, Breaks Down After

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Fiona Apple seems to be making the news again for reportedly lashing out at a concert goer in what appears to be a mini breakdown at the Newark Theater in Portland, OR this month. Last we heard of Apple was back in 2012 where she was arrested for
possession of marijuana. Now it seems she is making headlines for her emotional outbursts and curse-filled rants after someone questioned her weight and health. Could this be the beginning of a downward spiral for Fiona Apple?

Fiona Apple Heckler

Famous 90’s singer Fiona Apple was heckled by an audience member towards the end of her set with Blake Mills. The heckler reportedly screamed out “Fiona! Get healthy! We want to see you in 10 years!” Fiona Apple emotionally screamed back at the fan, “I am healthy! Who the f–k do you think you are? I want you to get the f–k out of here. I want the house lighs on so I watch you leave!” The lights were put on and the heckler was escorted out. Fiona Apple struggled to keep it together, but cried throughout her next song, leaving her almost unable to complete her set.

It’s not a total shock that Fiona Apple broke down and responded emotionally to the heckler. It’s kindof been part of her deal since she started her music career. There have even been times where she has broken down in concert and just stopped performing all together. In August, Apple walked off stage at a Louis Vuitton event reportedly yelling “predictable fashion!”

Although it’s not very nice to heckle someone while they are performing, fans, although supportive, do question if Fiona Apple may have an eating disorder or a possible drug problem. For someone to emotionally respond every time they are met with confrontation is not usually a healthy sign – emotionally or mentally.  If Fiona Apple is still doing drugs and does really have a mental health disorder or eating disorder, she may be suffering from a dual diagnosis. A person can suffer from a dual diagnosis when they display more than just one psychological disorder at a time.

Fiona Apple Eating Disorder

If Fiona Apple is suffering from an eating disorder, drug problem, or a mental health disorder; we are not really helping her by enabling her behavior. By ignoring some pretty obvious signs, we may end up seeing Fiona Apple head down a dangerous road like Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse, Cory Monteith, or even Whitney Houston.

Anyone can suffer from a mental health disorder, and with more treatment programs available to help those who struggle with mental health issues, it’s becoming easier to treat. No person should have to suffer alone and without the help they deserve. So many people deal with mental health issues by trying to “fix” the problem themselves or by self-medicating with drugs and alcohol. If you or someone you know is struggling with a mental health disorder, please give us a call now at 1-800-861-1768. We have the tools that can help!

Written By: Watershed Ashling

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