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#MondayMotivation: Find Joy In The Ordinary | Weekly Meditation

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Find Joy In The Ordinary“Find Joy In The Ordinary.” – Inspiring Quote

Find Joy In The Ordinary

When we were in active addiction our lives were fueled by chaos and it wasn’t until we got into recovery that we realized we were the creators of it. How many times in your recovery have you said the words “I’m bored” and couldn’t appreciate the simple things that surrounded you? It can be difficult to find joy in the ordinary when you have not yet let go of your expectations and desperate wants in life. Imagine what your life would be like if you appreciate the small things, let go of the stress and worry over what you think you need, and flowed one day at a time? It would be pretty magical and it can happen at any time if you choose to allow it to happen for you.

Many of us found ourselves thriving off that chaos in recovery, too. We got a rush from it and felt uncomfortable if we were alone and too still for too long. It was that chaos that helped keep our minds busy so we didn’t have feel or live in fear and regret. The only problem with that is that if we are to stay clean and sober we weren’t going to be able to do that long-term if we kept the chaos. We had to surrender to a new way of life and we had to do it daily if we were to grow and be ok with a simpler life.

Just for today, find joy in the ordinary and let go of the chaos that is controlling your life.


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