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FedEx Accused of Drug Trafficking Prescription Pills from Internet

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When it comes to the drug trafficking of prescription pills over the internet, penalties can easily arise.  Large and well-known delivery corporation FedEx was just recently accused of partaking in an illegal drug trafficking scheme.  Although the company claims it had no idea they were delivering pharmacy pills to online buyers with no prescription and will be pleading not guilty, the 15 counts of charges stand strong.  They mostly involve conspiracy, since the company was providing transportation of unauthorized medication to buyers from online sources.  The company has been reported to have been working diligently and cooperatively with authorities, though.

FedEx Drug Trafficking Accusation

The trouble with online pharmacies is that they don’t necessarily all require that the purchaser display proof of their prescription.  This means that someone who is not prescribed a specific medication can order prescription pills and receive it simply by just filling out information on a web site.  With this kind of allotment to the public, the ease in gathering a supply of prescription drugs provokes a greater likelihood of drug abuse.  Inadvertent or not, this promotion and ease of purchasing prescription drugs impacts the already failing war on drugs.  Officials hope the accusation of drug trafficking will show that there are consequences for involvement in activities that may be considered drug trafficking and that create an unsafe environment for the public. These charges for FedEx didn’t occur after a few situations, though.  Apparently officials have been investigating FedEx for about a decade.

In 2004, the company was even notified on six occassions to beware of unlawful delivery of pharmaceutical drugs.  It was stated that the current allegation of drug trafficking against FedEx could lead to a payment to $1.6 billion as retribution.  FedEx faced court in San Francisco, California on July 29.  Patrick Fitzgerald, a senior vice president for marketing and communications at FedEx claimed, “Whenever DEA provides us a list of pharmacies engaging in illegal activity, we will turn off shipping for those companies immediately. So far the government has declined to provide such a list.”  Going off the statement, FedEx appears to have had their hands tied, not knowing which companies were corrupt or not.  In response to part of the claim, it was revealed that customers who had purchased prescription drugs online through FedEx delivery were becoming so threatening when speaking to the drivers of the trucks that they would end up pouncing on the vehicle.  It supposedly got to the point where certain customers would not receive deliveries because they had to be told to pick up their packages at specific locations instead, all in order to ensure the safety of FedEx employees.

Internet Provides Easy Access to Drugs

This recent news of FedEx being involved in the drug trafficking of prescription pills for online pharmacies has brought much attention to how easy it has been for people to purchase potent drugs over the internet.  With all the laws on drugs in the country, how is there not enough enforcement on the policies for web sites when this could prevent or at least lessen the option to purchase drugs online that pose a high potential for abuse?  Using the internet to buy pharmaceutical pills with no prescription is not a new method for drug abusers and dealers.  Highly addictive drugs have been purchased on the internet, even dating back to 2008 when the DEA conducted a study that proved 80% of pharmaceutical drugs were purchased online.  Leslie Rogers, Kroger Pharmacy Manager in London, had called it “almost malpractice” and that “those doctors could not possibly know that those individuals needed a controlled substance” by way of a brief questioning over the web.  Unfortunately, there seems to be not much that officials can do other than continue to keep watching for suspicious activity as they have done with FedEx for nine years prior to the company’s charge.  In the meantime, all people should be educated on the dangers of purchasing and using prescription drugs bought online.  Abuse of drugs, especially high strength pharmaceuticals, can lead to addiction and death.

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8/19/2014: On Thursday, August 14, 2014, FedEx fell into more legal trouble with similar charges pertaining to allegedly earning money from shipping to two specific illegal online pharmacies.  Like last month’s allegations, FedEx has stated the company will be pleading not guilty.

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