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Experts want the new FDA approved Opioid, Zohydro, revoked

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Recently the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved a new opioid pain killer in 2013 and it’s already raising concerns for experts.

Zohydro Raises Concerns

The recently FDA approved pain killer has raised concerns for many experts and those in the addiction treatment field. The drug, Zohydro was designed to help alleviate moderate to severe pain, and is part of the opioid family. Opioids share a significant connection to drug abuse issues and drug addiction problems in the U.S. As a result of the already devastating affects opioids have caused, The FED Up! Coalition steering committee of more than 40 health care professionals, recovery advocates, and other experts have strongly suggested that the FDA revoke its original approval.

“Too many people have already become addicted to similar opioid medications, and too many lives have been lost. We urge you to exercise your authority and responsibility to protect the public’s health by keeping Zohydro off the market,” The FED Up! Coalition wrote in a formal letter to the FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg.

Zohydro was first FDA approved in Fall of 2013 and will be available to patients with moderate to severe chronic pain by March of this year. What makes Zohydro even more dangerous is that it contains a large dose of hydrocodone (a semi-synthetic opioid derived from codeine) which is five times more potent than any other opioid on the market, according to Dr. Stephen Anderson, a Washington ER physician. Furthermore, Zohydro is a capsule drug which makes it very easy to crush and snort or inject. This could cause a high risk situation for drug abuse according to the president of the advocacy group, Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing, Dr. Andrew Kolodny.

The FED UP! Coalition is not the only group to express concerns. Members of Congress and 29 state attorneys general also sent the FDA a letter about apprehensions in association with the new drug Zohydro. Many experts agree, stating that if this drug is released in March, it could lead to deadly consequences for our nation.

Prescription Pain Killer Rehabilitation

Zohydro could cause more harm than the benefits of pain management. If a person becomes addicted to a drug as a result of trying to manage their pain, they are not only causing more harm to their bodies, but now they have to deal with their newly found substance abuse problem. Many times people who abuse prescription pain pills actually make their pain worse by over-exerting themselves and building a tolerance to the medication which then will require more pain pills. This vicious cycle not only leaves the person still suffering from their chronic pain, but now they have an addiction to drugs. Millions of Americans are suffering from prescription pain killers every day, but there is hope.  If you or someone you know is struggling with drug abuse to chronic pain killers, there is another way to live. Give us a call today at  1-800-861-1768.

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