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FARR, Florida Association of Recovery Residences, Helps Improve Sober Homes

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FARR-Florida-Association-of-Recovery-ResidencesFamilies are concerned about their neighborhood’s safety as they discover more and more sober homes popping up in their communities. The Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR) was founded in 2011, and has since developed standards for sober homes, with the intent to limit the existence of “bad” homes, and directing recovering people to the “good” ones via their voluntary certification process.

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Florida Association of Recovery Residences

It is understandable that homeowners would want to protect their property as well as their families, which is why FARR will be able to help alleviate some of the current sober home issues. The ultimate goal is to help those individuals who are trying to re-build their lives through recovery, while also protecting the community as a whole.

Not all addicts and alcoholics are bad people; some are just sick people trying to recover from a deadly disease. Everyone deserves the right to recover from a disease, and that means that sober living homes are just as important to the recovery of an addict/alcoholic as inpatient treatment is. Studies show that 85% of recovering alcoholics and drug addicts will relapse within their first year sober without the proper support in their surrounding community, according to WPTV.

On the other side of that argument, there are people who also have other issues besides addiction. Those who have a history of violent or sexual crimes may also be staying in these unregulated homes, which is one reason why FARR’s certification process is so desperately needed. To group all addicts and alcoholics in one location can be dangerous and also continues to feed the stigma associated with addiction. This is why society thinks that all addicts and alcoholics are bad people, but there are good people who are struggling and are genuine about their long-term recovery who are being punished by this stigma.

As the Florida Association of Recovery Residences continues to help regulate sober homes in Florida, we are certainly going to see a change in our communities for the better. With more eyes on these sober homes, there will be less of a chance of bad sober homes popping up, as well as unknown predators staying hidden within unsuspecting communities. This may not happen overnight, but it is a step in the right direction to help those who are struggling with addiction as well as protect all of our communities here in Florida.

More About Sober Homes

It is important to note that FARR’s certification process is only applicable to independently run sober homes (halfway houses). Sober living facilities like The Watershed’s Halfway House that are part of a bigger continuum of care, are not eligible for this certification. They are, however, reviewed and certified by numerous State and independent programs like the Joint Comission. To learn more about The Watershed’s Gold Seal of Approval, please visit

Sober homes, also known as Halfway Houses, provide a safe and structured environment for those who are transitioning from rehab into long-term recovery. To learn more about halfway living at The Watershed, click here: The Watershed Halfway House.

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